Trocar ~ Tote Bag (tartan) - Laura Flook

Trocar ~ Tote Bag (tartan)

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In honor and memory of Trocar

(my first familiar, truest friend and late, beloved Labrador of Black)

Depicted here in duplicate, donning regimental ruffs,

guarding crossed mortuary trocars and LF Insignia-emblazoned shield. 

The Latin inscriptions on the crest banners read :

"Ornamentum Curiosus pro Creatura Rarus" 

and "Spiritus Trocar"

(which roughly translates (in English) to

"Curious Adornments for the Rare Creature"

and "Spirit of Trocar".

• Perfect for carrying all your essentials ~ as well as your unnecessaries.

• Weather-resistant body

• 100% natural cotton handles

• Approximately 15" x 15"

• Holds up to 44lbs (20 kg)

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