Tattered Heart in Hand ~ necklace (silver) - Laura Flook
Tattered Heart in Hand ~ necklace (silver) - Laura Flook
Tattered Heart in Hand ~ necklace (silver) - Laura Flook

Laura Flook

Tattered Heart in Hand ~ necklace (silver)

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 "Tattered Heart in Hand,
Impressions ingrained;
Impact Irreversible, 
You’ll always have a place. " 


Using a mold created from one of my original wood carvings, this Tattered Heart in Hand of Valediction is cast entirely in sterling silver.

The underside of the heart is left bare and polished to a rich gloss.

• In its entirety, this pendant spans just over 2" in length.

In former times, each LF tattered Heart portion of this pendant was carved (free-form), sanded, stained, gilded, and sealed by hand. Then attached to the Hand-of-Valediction. The outcome was well worth the many days of preparation each step took to complete, but it was indeed time-consuming (and with my tremors, potentially, really dangerous).

Please note: While the time and labor involved is considerably less than before, relatively speaking, the price of this pendant has not changed tremendously. The weight of the metal greatly influences the cost and this pendant definitely has some weight to it. 

26 grams in silver, to be approximate, which is roughly the same weight as 26 jelly beans, a little heavier than an adult house mouse oR about 1/10th the weight of a human heart) 

 Available to order as a singular pendant or as part of a matching necklace in the length of your choosing. 

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