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Hand-of-Valediction Lariat

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The Hand-of-Valediction i designed was greatly inspired by the brass spring hand clips used to secure large mass cards I would make use of in the funeral home chapels I worked in.      Therefore, I personally associate the hands with 'mourning' - which resulted in my formal designation of the hands I created as those of Valediction - expressing the parting or farewell of someONE or SOMethING..        A lost family member, friend, love, human or animal companion..Or a concept itself. a farewell to one way of life (disease, addiction, depression, fear, silence or isolation) and the welcoming of another (tranquility, happiness, marriage (OR independence), sobriety, understanding... a new state of mind and or way of life)..            Old Fashioned and Traditional symbolism house a broad variety of significance in relation to hands ... Many of which draw upon similar themes ..- In the END, however, SYMBolism is a PERSONAL CONNECtion and Only YOU can decide what something means to YOU. 
  • Cast in Your Choice of Either Solid Sterling Silver or Solid Brass with an Antiqued Bronze Finish, This Pair of Tiny Hands is Entirely Three Dimensional.  
  • Hands Span 3/4 Inch and Each are Attached to Opposite Ends of a 35 Inch Lariat. 
  • Can be Styled a Variety of Ways and Looks Staggering on both Gentleman AND Ladies
  • Exact Chain may Differ from Those Pictured.


• All orders are neatly packaged with brown paper and black ribbon, including an oval-esque hand-written thank-you card tied on with autopsy ligature. 

If this order is a GIFT for someone, PLEASE indicate as much on the "Notes to Merchant"during the Checkout Process.  Please be sure to include the name of the creature this gift is FOR and FROM, and / or any brief message you wish me to write on the card. 

  • For International Shipping Details and Costs, please see F.A.Q. 

 •5% of all Proceeds will be Donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (Formerly N.A.R.S.A.D.) to Help Fund Research for the Treatment and Prevention of Serious Mental Illness, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective & Bipolar Disorder, Major Depression and Autism. 

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How YOUr PURchase ALso HELps..

At least 5% of All Purchase Proceeds are Annually Donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. 100% of this donation will be used to fund NARSAD ( National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression) Grants that Focus on Research and Development into the Prevention and Treatment of Serious Mental Illnesses and Conditions, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective & Bipolar Disorders, Major Depression and Autism.