Embalming Instruments ~ Beach Towel / Blanket

Laura Flook

Embalming Instruments ~ Beach Towel / Blanket

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Vintage Embalming Instruments.

• A Beach towel

• it's actually more like a BEACh BLANKET that is SHAPEd like a towel. One side is very soft to the touch and features the image pictured . The other side is a white terry-cloth material. (It's got some weight to it, but i think it's more suitable for using as a barrier between the sand and your person, rather than something to dry off with.

• 1 adult human ~or~ 1 human baby + 4 fully-grown Coconut Crabs could comfortably lay down on this towel and recreationally absorb solar ultraviolet radiation.

• 30”x60”

• 52% cotton / 48% polyester

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