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Death's-head Hawk-moth ~ Neck Gaiter / Face Covering

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From "The Animal Creation: a popular introduction to zoology" (published in 1865)
"The Death’s-head Hawk-moth (Sphinx Atropos), so called from a singular mark resembling a skull and cross bones, which it bears at the back of its thorax. Probably on account of its carrying these lugubrugious insignia, this fine insect is generally looked on by the ignorant with superstitious dread, and its occasional twilight intrusion into a house is an event commonly regarded with horror. Yet it is a harmless creature, except that it will sometimes make its way into a beehive, and regale itself with honey: the bees, in some way not understood, tolerating its visits, although they might easily sting it to death.

• Breathable, Washable and Reusable Neck Gaiter / Face Covering / Head Band
• 95% polyester, 5% elastane with 4-way stretch
• One size ( measures approximately 18” in circumference and 17” in length when laid flat.)

According to both CDC and Johns Hopkins Medicine, a single neck gaiter is not sufficient in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus when worn alone.
For virus protection, please layer over a traditional face mask of two or more layers. 

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