Hand of Valediction ~ Remembrance Clip (tattered heart) - Laura Flook

Laura Flook

Hand of Valediction ~ Remembrance Clip (tattered heart)

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•Cast in solid brass, this Hand of Valediction is approximately 1.25 inches long and mounted to a durable clip with locking pin mechanism.

• A  singularly carved, blackened and tattered birch wood heart with 18 karat gold leaf edging dangles elegantly from a small length of brass chain.

• Just like you, each heart is distinctly one of a kind.

* The patented, re-tooled No-Slip clip has a needle-sharp center pin, designed to grip tightly, without fraying your garment 

*This clip has some weight to it and is designed to be hung vertically.  Perfect for heavier jackets, coats and belts, this piece can be clipped onto basically any kind of porous textile.. leather, wool, canvas, etc..

• Because the clips themselves are black, the Hand will Look Most Striking when attached to black material.

(Traditionally, Right-Hand jewelries are meant to be worn on the Left side of your person and vice versa. Just thought I'd mention it.) 

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