Anubis & The Feather of Truth ~ Tote bag

Laura Flook

Anubis & The Feather of Truth ~ Tote bag

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Victoriana meets ancient Egyptian symbolism. Jackal-headed god, Anubis and The Feather of Truth. Final and most important test of the dead journeying into the afterlife. Egyptians believed a person’s heart revealed all their good and bad deeds. The heart is placed on a scale and weighed against the Feather of Truth by Anubis. If one’s heart is lighter than the feather, he will survive and continue into the next world..If his heart proves heavier, he will be eaten by and continue into the digestive system of the Devourer - a part lion, part crocodile and part hippopotamus monster.



• 15" x 15" Spun polyester, weather resistant body

• 100% natural cotton handles 

• Machine Washable

•  Made in America


• Original Artwork by Brian Williams.

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