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Established in 2010, Laura Flook is a New York City-based, sustainably-managed collection of apparel and accessories for the nonlinear.

 Extracting influence from mortality, deviation, beauty and wandering thoughts, I continue to incorporate my theatre of senses (past, present and particular)- as well as my love for film, music and art-into every creation.

A last minute invite to share an apartment with someone I barely knew and a 3 year old, informal job offer led me to abandon my coveted position of mediocre hotel restaurant waitress, gather all 2 bags of my personal effects and move from Small Town, Pennsylvania to New York City in 1996. 
Not two years later and closing in on the mature age of 19, I enrolled and later graduated from McAllister (Manhattan's leading -and only- Academy for future morticians). 
Funeral home, trade service and crematory employment followed.
Admittedly, the evolution of my unforeseen fate into fashion design from funeral service has been an unconventional one, but the applicable overlap between the two careers is quite substantial. 
For Instance
• In depth familiarity with ‘Anatomy’ is crucial when designing clothes for the human body. 
•‘Feature Restoration' and ‘Cosmetology’ are all about color, symmetry, sculpture and beautification. 
• ‘Dressing and Casketing’ essentially entail the responsibilities of a fashion stylist (only my “models” were dead). 
• Moreover, suturing up the bodies I embalmed was fundamentally how I learned to sew.
Indeed, as a mortician, I also wore the proverbial hats of designer, seamstress, stylist, makeup artist, and coiffeur.
A circumstantial detour into fashion modeling ironically cascaded after my boss at one funeral home very delicately informed me that I “look like shit”… “like one of our clients”.
Through castings, fittings, editorial, look-book, showroom, runway and TV work - in addition to daily communications with my agency and all the trade professionals in between- I received an invaluable front row seat with interactive back stage access to the fashion industry in motion.
Since 2007, I’ve been independently studying what now tallies up to over 100 books - all focusing on specific concentrations of clothing construction. Together with innumerable hours of trial, error and prototyping -along with unanticipated praise from complete strangers- I was propelled to create and release my first line of dresses in 2010.



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