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NEW YORK COMIC CON, #NYCC 2015 October 8, 9, 10 & 11 ~at Manhattan's Javitz Center.. BOOTh #1247NEW YORK COMIC CON, #NYCC 2015 October 8, 9, 10 & 11 ~at Manhattan's Javitz Center.. BOOTh #1247 

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Laura Flook apparel and jewelries have been seen on: 

 "ODDITIES"  Television Series on Discovery's SCIENCE Channel  TRAILER:

"Oddities" ~ Season 1

Episode 2 : Model Mortician      

In Obscura Antiques & Oddities a model turned mortician makes a bizarre request to display her newest fashion line, and a shopper makes a purchase that tests Mike's gag reflex. Ersan thinks he purchased fossil dinosaur feces, but the owners don't buy it.

Episode 8 : Pickled Pig

Ryan and Mike hunt for a vintage human skeleton to satisfy a rocker; a seller stops by Obscura with a failed Valentine's present, a pickled pig; and Evan tries out an old electro-shock therapy machine on herself to see if it works (it does).                                                                           

"Oddities" ~ SEASON 2

Episode 2: Raising the Dead 
Shop regular Laura stumbles upon a mysterious tonic made with real testicles. Meanwhile Ryan is challenged to create something incredible with dead pets, and a man offers to sell an ear still connected to a skull.

Episode 5: The Smoking Lung  
Laura, a former model and mortician explains some of the tools of the trade. Also, check out a custom made "exploded skull." How cool is that?
Episode 4: Holiday Bizarre: Rudolph's Revenge
A regular Obscura customer finds the perfect wintry party centerpiece.


Episode 2Mutant Mascot

At Obscura Antiques & Oddities, Mike, Evan & Ryan race to find a new shop centerpiece weird enough to celebrate their new space. Then Andy Animal peddles psychedelic medicine and the DarkLord returns with a reanimating baby of a thousand nightmares.

Episode 13: Vampires Of PhilaHELLphia 

At Obscura Antiques & Oddities Laura gets the shop scouring Philadelphia to decorate her vampire themed party. Then Mike & Evan meet a strange ventriloquist, a coffin dealing couple & experience what it was like to sit on Al Capone's porcelain throne

Episode 20: Holiday Bizarre #3  

It's holiday time at Obscura Antiques & Oddities so Mike, Evan & Ryan hold a festive show & tell dinner party for their quirkiest customers including Robot Mike, Laura Flook & Andy Animal. But first an evil clown jams some metal into his face and back.  


Episode 2: Brain Bits & Baby Gifts 

At Obscura, Laura Flook shows how shopping for a baby can be like pulling teeth. Then, a painter looks to trade Ryan his elongated skull for something more mesmerizing, and a doctor diagnoses one of Mike & Evan's most mysterious items.


 "ODD FOLKS HOME"  Television Series on Discovery's SCIENCE Channel

Episode 1:  Blood, Pet & Shears 

A model mortician who stitches clothing the same way she stitches dead skin; an artist who shuns paint in favor of a medium he'd die without; a women who collects sculptures from the bowels of her pet.


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