"Laura’s attention to detail and ease of communication made for a wonderful experience that helped to elevate my production.  I definitely trust Laura Flook and her expertise in making a beautiful wardrobe."
~ Crispin Hellion Glover, Actor/Filmmaker
“I had been an admirer of Laura’s unique vision for several years before I asked her to create a waistcoat for me.  Little did I know….  Laura’s attention to detail in creating a design and selecting materials was far beyond anything I expected.  I asked for a waistcoat and got a silk brocade work of art that graces my upper torso on very special occasions.  Four nephews are fighting over who will inherit it.  And likely plotting to speed the date.” 
~Peter Syvertsen, Actor/Writer 

“The term ‘artist’ is often bandied about without any regard for its true meaning. Laura Flook is one of the few real artists of our time . Her designs and craftsmanship are unparalleled. Her style is unique, other-worldly and always beautiful. I wish the rest of the world would catch up to her.  I want to live in that world."    

 ~William Malone, Filmmaker/Director  


    “Stepping into a Laura Flook gown makes you feel truly special. From the splendid drape to the dramatic sleeves to the (insanely exquisite) collars, each detail is so thoughtfully constructed, you really can’t help but feel like you are wearing something ethereal. Even the materials (soft, breathable and comfortable enough to fall sound asleep in) felt like they were almost floating around me. With a cut that flatters any size, the silhouette and structure of the dresses really showcase the elegance of one’s figure rather than making you feel body conscious.   Neither matronly nor desperately revealing, the collarless necklines are seriously swoon-worthy; showing off just enough décolletage to make you feel alluring, while the contours of the shoulders conjure up a sense of empowerment. The intensity of attention and time invested in garments so thought-out and precise is beyond apparent. Laura clearly tends to each and every piece she puts out into the world and you *feel* that, like really feel it, when you’re wearing them. With so many people dressing derivative, wearing something from Laura Flook makes you feel beautiful, strong and singular, and to me, that’s what a truly great piece of clothing should do for whomever is wearing it.“ 

~Kristin Brzoznowski, Writer/Editor/Journalist

 "I work in the healthcare industry with cancer patients and wear my Hand of Valediction Remembrance clip to send support to loved ones as they go through their cancer journey.  I also wear this special piece when I am mourning someone dear to me who has lost their battle.  It’s a beautiful way to honor those you care about and keep them in the forefront of your thoughts.  I also treasure my Hand of Valediction necklace, as my husband presented it to me as a Christmas gift when the collection first debuted.  I never take it off!  It is a constant reminder that I am loved even when we are apart.  The cuff detail is exquisite. This present was made extra special by the attention to detail Laura gives when she wraps and ships her creations.  It’s always a treat to get a Laura Flook package in your mailbox."       
~ Kristy NelsonSenior Director Oncology  
Based on 19 reviews
Night of the Hunter ~ frock
Jennifer L. (Salem, US)
Night of the Hunter Frock

When Laura first showed a prototype of this dress on Instagram, I didn’t realize she was thinking of creating it for children. When I told her I would absolutely buy one, she said she would work on an adult version. True to her word, she did!
I honestly am continually impressed with Laura’s ability to transform her visions to wearable pieces of art! This dress fits perfectly, and I can see the amount of work and skill that went into creating it. This is definitely a treasured piece of my wardrobe. Thank you so much!!

The Marie Curie ~ cover up
Jennifer L. (Salem, US)
Marie Curie Cover Up

When I want something positively beautiful, as well as functional, the Marie Curie jacket is what I have grabbed over and over again. The sleeves provide a wonderfully dramatic feel, yet it is still as easy as wearing a cardigan. The design, attention to detail, and workmanship is spectacular!!

Embalming Instruments ~ leggings
Kathrine J. (Tonawanda, US)
Leggins, Bag & Comic

The buying experience with Laura is highly reflective of her mission and nothing shy of remarkable. Her attention to detail, care, and personal touch go above and beyond. They say not to meet your heroes, but if Laura Flook happens to be yours, you likely won’t be disappointed in any interactions with her. I purchased embalming leggings, matching bag, and comic. Her hand written note with the comic was fantastic. Her designs, fabrics, and packaging are high quality no matter how little or much you have to spend. All designs exceeded my expectations and the experience made me genuinely happy.

Lose Blood Now ~ Mug
michelle m. (Johnston, US)
Lose Blood Now mug

Mug is very cool! Would buy from again. Thanks

Damn Tartan ~ yoga leggings
Rob E. (Southfield, US)
Tartan leggings

Outstanding. Bought as a gift and were worn immediately. Thanks so much!

Boundaries - tee
Kristy B. (Stevensville, US)
Awesome tee!

Love Laura’s t-shirts! Great fit and nice material that holds its shape.

Even better than the pics!

Not only was my tote more beautiful than I expected, it's very obvious how much thought and effort goes into each of Laura's products. From the product itself to the stylized packaging, the experience becomes somewhat of an adventure. 🤠

Simply Beautiful

From the beautiful packaging to the wonderfully written note to the amazing story and the creepily morbid yet eye catching art. I'd say this is a must get book. I'm thrilled to have this book to my collection of mortuary and mortician books. Laura Flook is an incredibly inspirational person that I personally idolize.

Get your copy now!

Laura's growing fan base is richly rewarded with her follow-on effort to the custom-crafted volume one of "Expiration Date." In this second round what the lucky buyer will receive is a spectacular creation presented in standard bound comic book format (nine inches by six inches, bound not stapled). The 40-page contents include all of volume one but this time in richly colorized format. So fear not if you were unable to obtain volume one in its hand-sewn original black-and-white format. You will receive those contents here in this second volume, but in color.

In addition the buyer also receives a sort of sneak preview of what the actual second volume of the "Expiration Date" series (we hope!) will contain. This section is the final 13 pages of the book. One will notice the drawing style is different here than in the original volume one, as it appears Laura has taken over the illustration role for volume two. Let us hope Laura can find the time necessary to publish this second volume just as soon as possible because the sampler we have here is both intriguing and of the highest quality. Do not hesitate to purchase this book. You won't be disappointed! Do it now, really, right now!!

Beyond fun And totally strange

If you're into morbid humor and can fully appreciate darkness this is absolutely for you. The color and art work is vibrant and beautiful. The toe tag book mark is a fun addition to add to any of your reading and made on thick paper. If you have the original expiration date this copy is still worth purchasing! Seeing the comic in full color as well as the preview to the second volume was an absolute experience and beyond enjoyable. Another flooking amazing piece of art don't knock it until you buy it!

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