Do You Ship Internationally?

Currently, I am only shipping to Canada and the United States.


When Will I Receive My Order? 

All In-Stock Jewelry is shipped within 1 week of ordering. Please keep this in mind when selecting your speed of shipping at checkout.  

If an item is out of stock, it can be pre-ordered, but may take up to 4 weeks to ship.     For all other turnaround time inquiries, please see SHIPPING POLICIES for details.


Will you be offering clothes and other jewelry/ accessories again soon?
YES! New creations are in progress. To be the first to know about new offerings - and to receive exclusive discounts, feel free to Subscribe for Benefits (located on the Home Page) .  In the meantime, please feel free to browse all current selections in the categories listed HERE.


How do I best care for my Remembrance Jewelry? 
Your jewelry is designed to withstand general atmospheric conditions, but is NOT intended for wear submerged in or under water. Please handle delicately and keep dry. Try not to fall down stairs or spontaneously combust. Fire is BAD. Saliva, teeth, lotions, potions and other chemicals should ideally NOT come in contact with your jewelry. Please use common sense when in the company of children and animals. 
And for heaven's sake (and this should really go without mentioning), do not ATTEMPT to bend, twist or break any part of your jewelry. 
Chains are fragile and while Birch wood is deceptively strong, it is still wood and can chip or even break if met with enough impact.  Just treat your jewelry like a priceless heirloom and you will be fine!  I am a kidding. A little bit.
Not much care is needed, but for safety purposes and in the interest of preservation, it is recommended that you do not go swimming, exercising, sleeping or bathing whilst wearing your jewelry.  **I individually treat the pendants with various oxidizers to strategically give them their complimenting antique tone and contrast** Chemicals, soaps, body lotions and indeed water can alter this finish, as can prolonged exposure to body oils and sweat.  
What Happened to your self-published comic book - "Expiration Date"?
Expiration Date now resides over at Last Resort Funeral Parlor  - along with more of my less classical designs.