About Memorial Jewelry

Your Love and Loss are a Precious Belonging- Your Memorial Jewelry Should Not Be Any Less Precious. 

Each Laura Flook wooden Heart and Cross pendant is carved (free-form), sanded, stained, gilded, and sealed by hand, one step at a time. I do not use templates or patterns, so No TWO hearts and crosses are identical. 

Every piece of cast silver or brass has been carefully hand-finished, painstakingly oxidized for unique pigment and contrast, assembled, polished, gift wrapped with a personal, hand-written thank you card, lovingly packaged and shipped by me, personally, one by one.

Made in both New York City and Pennsylvania, I am a one-person operation. i outsource the casting of metals, but everything else I handle alone.


What is the "Hand of Valediction" ?            

The Hand-of-Valediction I designed was greatly inspired by the large, brass, spring Hand clip stands we used in the funeral home to secure Mass cards and other epistles for the Family.  

Therefore, I personally associate the hands with 'mourning' - which resulted in my formal designation of the hands I created as those of Valediction - expressing the parting or farewell of someONE or SOMethING..         

A lost family member, friend, love, human/animal companion -Or a concept itself. A farewell to one way of life (addiction, depression, fear, silence, isolation etc.) and the welcoming of another (freedom, tranquility, peace, marriage/independence and so forth). 

Old Fashioned and Traditional symbolism house a broad variety of significance in relation to hands - many of which draw upon similar themes . In the END, however, SYMBolism is a PERSONAL CONNECtion and Only YOU can decide what something means to YOU.


How do I best care for my Remembrance Clips? 

Your jewelry is designed to withstand general atmospheric conditions, but it is NOT intended for wear in or under water. Please handle delicately and keep dry. Try not to fall down stairs or spontaneously combust. Fire is BAD. Saliva, teeth, lotions, potions and other chemicals should ideally not come in contact with your jewelry. Please use common sense when in the company of children and animals. 

Chains are fragile and while Birch and Cedar woods are deceptively strong, they are still wood and can chip or even break if met with enough impact.  Just treat your jewelry like a priceless heirloom and you will be fine!  I am a kidding. A little bit.

IF something does happen and your jewelry is in need of repair or refinishing, please contact me and I will do my best to accommodate you. 

And if for any reason you feel the need to clean the wooden cross or heart of your Remembrance Clip, a TINY bit of mild wood soap/oil on a soft cotton cloth will do nicely.  (I like The Method's daily wood cleaner because it smells like almonds)  


How do I care for my silver or brass Hand of Valediction?

Not much care is needed, but for safety purposes and in the interest of preservation, it is recommended that you do not go swimming, exercising, sleeping or bathing whilst wearing your jewelry.  I individually treat the pendants with various oxidizers to strategically give them their complimenting antique tone and contrast. Chemicals, soaps, body lotions and indeed water can alter this finish, as can prolonged exposure to body oils and sweat.  I personally like how the hands look with time and no upkeep, but if you like, the sterling silver and brass hands of valediction can be cleaned with just an ordinary jewelry polishing cloth or even regular toothpaste . IF your jewelry is in need of re-oxidizing, please contact me and I will be happy to take care of that for you.