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11. The typical Human Being Will LOSE about one-sixteenth of an inch in HEIGHT, PER YEAR, starting at the age of Thirty? This is brought about by the thinning of spaces in between the vertebrae.

10. The term "Skid Row" originates from the American lumber industry? It was actually referred to as SKID ROAD, for it was a road where felled logs were skid through.  Eventually, it was used as a nickname for the part of town often frequented by loggers (home to many bar-rooms and brothels). It wasn't until around the 1950s, the word ROAD was replaced by ROW and used to designate any section of any town, rife with cheap watering holes, transients and drunkards ~ No logger presence necessary.<---and HERE is a completely unrelated photo i took a few years ago, from my apartment window. An angry someone had set an empty car on fire, RIGHT outside the fire station. .. and you'll notice this asshole in the scarlet SUV was obviously in a rush to something more pressing, that he could not be bothered to wait with all the OTHer cars (still cordoned off), until the fire had been extinguished. GO ANUS! 

9. One of my favorite things about Rose (the beautiful creature pictured below) is that 

                   apart from being an adventurous badass who sometimes sends me letters from exotic locations (such as India) to let me know she is wearing her Laura FLook t-shirt-when i had absolutely no idea she even had plans to leave the country.. is that she is the ONLY PERSON EVER to like my "DID YOU KNOW?" page.. and MORE importantly, ROSE WILL DRESS UP LIKE A GIANT CHICKEN WHENEVER SHE DAMN WELL FANCIES.  

8.   ACCORDINg to the FBI's HOMICIDE statistics for YEAR 2014..

you are nearly 13 times  MORE LIKELY to be MURDERED by yoUR HUSBAND, than be killed by a dog.

and a little more than THREE TIMES AS LIKELY to be MURDERED by your OWN CHILD, than be mauled to death by a dog..  

...for those without husbands and kids,,,You are still more than

•TWICE as likely to be murdered by your WIFE  ..                                                •Approx 2 and a HALF times more likely to be murdered by your NEIGHBOR  •More than SIX times as likely to be murdered by a NON-immediate FAMILY member ..                                                                                                                      •About 7 TIMES more likely to be murdered by ONE OF YOUR OWN PARENTS •Nearly 8 TIMES as Likely to be murdered by someone you consider a "FRIEND" ....And More than 57 TIMES as LIKELY tO BE MURDERED BY a MERE ACQUAINTANCE ..

THAN YOU ARE to be KiLLED by A DOG (wild OR domestic) .  .  Mankind is NOT Very kind at all . Blanket BANs on selected dog breeds ( such as the unfortunate branded Bulls of Pit , ) just make no sense . You might as well put aban on Caucasian females , if you're going to ban a dog somewhere in the US, because again , you're A LOT more likely to be BRUTALLY MURDERED by a White chick  

... which reminds me.. you are more than 1,018 TIMES more likely to be KILLED bY YOUR OWN HAND.. than be killed by a dog. (I researched the number of people killed by dogs vs other humans ( in the United States ) for the year 2014 ..Homo sapiens are the most dangerous Breed of all ( and these statistics do not include what law officials consider "justifiable homicide" ( for instance , being shot by a police officer ) or non-negligent manslaughter cases, for if they did, the results would be even more staggering . It's not even about breed , it's about species. Humans are thee worst . 

7. ..If you've ever wondered why you no longer hear English-speaking persons talking  with the excessive charm and destinction of the elite voices made familiar in the films and newsreels of Hollywood's Golden Age... it's because NOWHERE did anyone actually speak like that. Not organically, anyway. ..This particular style of speech is a deliberate blend of American English and British English- referred to as the "Transatlantic Accent' (or Mid-Atlantic Accent) and it was an entirely acquired elocution taught to and used by actors and announcers of the time.

6. APparently, our senses can detect around 11 MiLLiON pieces of information per SECOND ...yet most humans are only capable of processing a total of 5 to 7 of those.

5. The famous Nike slogan "Just Do It" was actually inspired by the words of notorious American criminal, Gary Gilmore (December 4, 1940 – January 17, 1977) .Gary's last words spoken to the firing squad about to execute him : "let's do this." .  

4. The proper pronunciation of the word "Probably" is "PRO-buh-blee"... Upon learning this, I sat quietly for a good five minutes in awe... I remain stunned. . and equally pissed off at my elementary school teachers, whom by now, are all PRObably dead.

More Mind Shockers to follow...  


3.  You can kill yourself by eating SOCKS.. and you wouldn't be the first. A pack of cigarettes also makes a nice snack for this purpose. 

Additional ways to escape PRison to follow...

                                                                        2a: Potassium


2. Challenging a sociopathic behemoth to a DUAL is not a wise strategy for settling an argument.


1. Shaving your legs in the dark, or bringing anything glass into your shower is not a brilliant maneuver either.


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