Wages of Innocence

The rewards of integrity yield significantly better mileage than those from corruption.. however, the consequences - frighteningly similar.

A stunning, scaled down re-modeling of an authentic child's ‘lamb and sunburst’ coffin handle, preserved from the Victorian Era and generously gifted to me by Dallas-based designer, Rob Bradford.
Popularized by 18th century French philosopher, Jean-Jacques RousseauIt, the idea of children regarded as ‘innocents’ is a relatively modern one.
It wasn’t until the late 18th/early 19th century that a child under the age of 13 was no longer perceived as an innately evil, corrupted consequence of original sin (so condemned by their Puritan and Evangelical forefathers). 

Having since been designated the embodiment of untainted virtue, it was for children- that the mortuary ornament of the Lamb and Sunburst figure was exclusively reserved.

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