Expiration Date ~ comic book (Special Deadition) - Laura Flook
Expiration Date ~ comic book (Special Deadition) - Laura Flook

Laura Flook

Expiration Date ~ comic book (Special Deadition)

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This book is.. "NOT for EVERYBodY.." ..young children, primarily. some teenagers, ... possibly most adults.

•With 40 pages of full-color fruitiness and initially released at New York Comic Con 2015 , this Special Deadition's glossy-covered, professionally bound 9 x 6" book includes thee entire issue #1 (of which, there are less than 300 in circulation throughout our fair UNiverse) an OPen Casket INTROsuction to Issue #2, as well as a few bonus pages (including a collage of ISsue #1 rough drafts and a documented nightdream)

• conceived, written, developed and published by Laura Flook.
• Issue #1 ©2000 - illustrated, lettered and formatted by Los Angeled-based Rival advert agency guru/ multi-faceted creative genius: Brian Williams.
• Issue #2 ©2015 - cover art, intro and all other pictorials, lettering and graphic arrangement by Laura Flook.
• special Toothpaste and Popularity guidance by Lydia Fandry
• All copies are signed


Featured Testimonials

"It was just phenom! I have never seen anything like it." ~ Kevin Wyzzard
"Got my copy of Expiration Date this past Thursday. It was strange, disturbing and offensive. Three things I love rolled into one package! Thank you, Laura. You are the best!" ~ Chester Reeves
"I read your comic at least five times last night, and another three today. I love every single morbid frame. Jelly's expressions ("lifeless lollipop", et cetera) fill me with absolute glee, and Calvin's casketing and cosmetizing are divine. I've got a tiny little collection of funerary curiosities, and your comic is the shining gem of my collection. I cannot express enough how amazing it is. I can't wait for issue #2"

 ~ J.C.E.

"When my copy of Expiration Date No. 1 showed up I was like a little kid at Halloween....thank you Laura...I love the toe tag...it is in my safe with all of my other valued possessions" ~Joe Collis

"Dear Laura,Thank you so much for your wonderful comic 'Expiration Date' The personalization and pure genius of the comic itself have made my day, maybe my year.It is by far the most sick and twisted thing I've read, which I have loved every second of. I really appreciate everything artistically that you do, and on a day like today, when ones mind is fighting psychosis, this really pleases me.Thank you for your work with charity for the mentally ill and everything you do! I am always checking your shop for something new to appear. I can't wait to see what you do next! Thanks again for everything!
~Korey " 
"Hi Laura:
I received the two copies of Expiration Date today and I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you! thank you! thank you! You, Madame, are freaking hilarious. Your twisted humor and Brian William's twisted art work so wonderfully together. I loved it. I love the toe tag too, and I really appreciate that you reached out to me about the second toe tag, and were able to personalize a toe tag for my daughter. She's going to love it. Oh, and she's an adult, btw. I wouldn't want you to think I was giving your book to a five-year-old. Six, maybe, but not five. ha ha
I wish you luck getting the last of your comic orders completed so you can move on to the things that you really enjoy.
Take care, and thanks again,"
"My wife and I just received our copy of your incredible comic 'Expiration Date'. What a gift to find in our mailbox on Xmas eve! We can’t wait for your second issue! Thank you so much for your personal touches. It means a lot in this manufactured society! We think your awesome! Have a great Xmas and New Year!"
"Dear Laura, I hope this finds you in good spirits and health... Firstly, the tshirt and books arrived in good shape and intact.secondly I've just read the book and recovered from laughing, thank you, really excellent work:-) my dog Ding(it quickly became apparent when he was pup that he wasn't a King) is currently enjoying the hair that accompanied the shipped items with great interest and a hint of suspicion that I may have another K9 life partner on the side somewhere... It is now clear why the books are so labour intensive what with the knot work and personalized toe tags and page ordering etc that must be envolved.. Thank you for cheering up my return home after 5hard nightshifts underground at the coal face(and Dings too).. Keep up the good work and sense of humour.. Regards from this side of the world........ G. ;-)"
"Man, what a read that was, never read anything like it. Hope you write another one, it was like having a hurting tooth and the more you bit down on it, it might hurt but feels good.
 A Fan, Allen Braswell "
"LAURA!!!!! I just opened your funereal care package... First of course, I put my rubber gloves on for the occasion, took a whiff of Ether, which I always carry with me... er ah...just in case. I carefully pried the comic opened with my forceps and sipped on my FormaldeCola while I read.You bitch!!! How dare you be so cool? I love your comic... Its totally you.... HUGE THANKS!!!!! I seriously will treasure it. You are adorable!"
"Hey Laura,
Are you mad about the "adorable" comment my funereal friend? I haven't heard from you. I hope you are OK. I loved the comic by the way....VEEERRRYYY COOOOLLL!!!! Big Thanks."
"Hi Laura,
The book arrived today. Beautifully done. I am honored to get a copy. Thanks
I laughed out loud when I saw the lyrics from the Misfits song in your book. Please let me know when the next edition comes out. I think I'm hooked.
Have an awesome New Years Eve"
"Hi Laura, was just thinking, as a comic book collector and as great as your comic is you need to think about seeking out a comic publisher. There are so many now (not just Marvel and DC) and a lot of them publish stuff just like yours (not JUST like as yours is one of a kind). I think more people should be able to get their hands on your comics as I think a lot of people would love to read them. Believe me them would gain a cult following in no time. Just think about it. It would be a great outlet for your talent. 
Your fan"
''EXPiRATION DATE'' is not your ordinary comic you will see things that will leave you speechless, give you goose bumps chills up your & leaving your drain thinking what you just read. Every time I turn the page i got chills running through my body & I was also laughing. I warn you when you buy a copy and when you reed it you will never think the same again & never feel the same. Laura, Has one of the most brilliant minds to come up with this beautiful idea of A story. I would like to visit ''Last Resort Funeral Parlor'' someday & just maybe i'll see you there. 
"Through the years, I have I have shopped at Laura Flook.com and managed to purchase some of the most beautiful things. Let's start with my first purchase. Expiration Date. It's a Macabre and funny Comic book (Semi-Auto-biographical So I hear lol) That will give you a good laugh time and time again for many years to come. Next I was fortunate enough to purchase a limited edition print called Lifeless Lollipop, A enlarge quality Print Of a page from Expiration Date Signed and Numbered by Laura herself( Mines No# 1). I have it all framed and hung on my wall. (Next to Expiration Date). Next I moved on to the Jewelry. The first thing was a Sterling Silver Hand-Of-Valediction Collar Chain/Brooch. I use it as a brooch hanging, off-set on my black woven leather suspenders. Keeping in theme, I then ordered the Sterling mans Hand-of-Valediction Lariat. It looks great with an open neck Shirt, or I sometimes stick it though the top button hole of a dress shirt. It stands out well on Black.. Once again keeping in step with the theme, came the Key Chain. Being a tradesman, I knew it would get destroyed, So I decided to fill the ring with Antique Skeleton Keys, and hang it on The Wall Of Flook. LOL Not forgetting that Laura also sell cloths, I purchased both The Long Sleeve V-neck shirt, as well as the short sleeve one. These are most defiantly some of the softest, most comfortable Shirts I have, and they seem to work for any occasion. Last but certainly not least, Is Laura herself. The TLC that she puts into each and every order Makes everything she sells all the more special. From The beautiful Black ribbon she binds the clothes with, to the Black Funeral envelopes she puts the smaller Items in, Down to the tiny clear plastic box she neatly ties with the same suture she binds her comic books with, and yes, Those little personalized notes she sneaks in. All of these things make you feel as if you received a gift more than a purchase item. Thank You Laura, for all the things you create, and Just for being you.
Your Loyal Customer, and Follower"

 Mark Neely

"Squeeeeeeeee! Laura's designs and creativity have made me a repeat customer. I have purchased items from her to give as gifts and for myself. Gifts of her artwork have always brought a squeal of delight from friends who received them. Laura is not only prompt at shipping, she personalizes each box or envelope with her own unique charms. It's always a nice surprise when you open your package. Her comic books are sure to induct you into the cult following that I am an avid member of. When I die,.... or maybe I did die already and shopping at Laura's website is my own little bit of heaven,....I may request that she participate in my burial preparations and services, or at least write a few nice words for my obituary. Laura's Wares make perfect gifts and are certain to be remembered. Her writings are sure to be cult classics. You never know, she may take a liking to you and make you an answer to a trivia question in the future! All kidding aside, Laura's art is unique and you should pleasure yourself by taking something with you before getting the click out of here.

~ Don Morris from Punta Gorda, Fl (adyingpoet@aol.com)"


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