Hand of Valediction + Heart~ Remembrance Clip (WB)
Hand of Valediction + Heart~ Remembrance Clip (WB)

Laura Flook

Hand of Valediction + Heart~ Remembrance Clip (WB)

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Cast in solid white brass, this Hand of Valediction is approximately 1.25 inches long, individually antiqued and mounted to a durable clip with locking pin mechanism. 

• A unique, singularly carved, blackened birch wood heart with varnished edging hangs from 1 to 2 inches of sterling silver chain, secured with stainless steel tether and stem.

* The patented, re-tooled No-Slip clip has a needle-sharp center pin, designed to grip tightly, without fraying your garment 

* Designed to be hung vertically (as shown) and can be clipped onto basically any kind of porous textile.. leather, wool, canvas, etc..

• Because the clips themselves are black, the Hand will Look Most Striking when attached to black material.  

• No two Remembrance clips are perfectly identical

• Made in New York and Pennsylvania

(Pssst! You can do whatever you please, but traditionally, RIGHT-HAND jewelries are meant to be worn on the LEFT side of your person and vice versa. Just thought I'd mention it.)