Hand of Valediction

For those of you unacquainted with me, I am a former mortician ( amongst other seemingly disconnected things - yet ultimately, related) . 
This design was largely inspired by these tall, brass stands with hand-shaped, spring-hinged clips that furnished the funeral chapels. We used them to secure mass cards and other epistles for the families of the deceased.  
It was for this reason, I personally associate the hands with 'mourning' - which resulted in my formal designation of the hands I created as those of 'Valediction' - expressing the parting or farewell of someone or something.

A lost family member, friend, love, human or animal companion -Or a concept itself. A farewell to one way of life (addiction, depression, fear, silence, isolation etc.) and the welcoming of another (freedom, tranquility, peace, marriage / independence and so forth).  

Old fashioned and traditional symbolism house a broad variety of significance in relation to hands, many of which draw upon similar themes . In the END, however, symbolism is a personal connection and only you can decide what something means to you.
Each Hand-of-Valediction is entirely three-dimensional and boasts a captivating cuff, trimmed with remarkable ruffles, swathed with a bewitching buckle.

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