Hand of Valediction

The 'Hand of Valediction' design was largely inspired by hand-shaped, spring-hinged clips, staggered on tall, brass stands and used to secure mass cards and other epistles for the families of the deceased in the funeral chapels.
For those unacquainted with me, I used to work as a mortician. 

It was for this reason, I personally associate the hands with 'mourning' - resulting in my formal designation of the hands I created as those of 'Valediction' - expressing the parting or farewell of someone or something.

A lost family member, friend, love, human or animal companion -Or a concept itself. A farewell to one way of life (addiction, depression, fear, silence, isolation etc.) and the welcoming of another (freedom, tranquility, peace, marriage / independence and so forth).  

Old fashioned and traditional symbolism house a broad variety of significance in relation to hands, many of which draw upon similar themes . In the END, however, symbolism is a personal connection and ONLY YOU can decide what something means to you.

Each Hand-of-Valediction is entirely three-dimensional and boasts a captivating cuff, trimmed with remarkable ruffles, swathed with a bewitching buckle.

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