Laura Flook

(Sun-Raped) Funeral Director ~ Beach Towel / Blanket

featuring an image of my old sun-raped (it was originally black and white) dashboard sign. NYC parking enforcement is relentless though and these placards are about as helpful as an I.O.U. note handed to someone after slaughtering their first born. i know of AT LEast ONE incident where a Manhattan funeral home's hearse was towed to the Brooklyn Navy yard - WITH a body inside it.

A Beach towel

• it's actually more like a BEACh BLANKET that is SHAPEd like a towel. One side is very soft to the touch and features the image pictured  . The other side is a white terry-cloth material. (It's got some weight to it, but i think it's more suitable for using as a barrier between the sand and your person, rather than something to dry off with. Hopefully someone will leave a review soon to comment on its best function

 1 adult human  ~or~ 1 human baby + 4 fully-grown Coconut Crabs could comfortably lay down on this towel and recreationally absorb solar ultraviolet radiation.

• 30”x60”

• 52% cotton / 48% polyester

Please note: This Item will ship to you direct from my printer with No-Frills packaging. This will save time and keeps the price a lot lower than it would be if i hand-packaged and shipped to you separately. THIS. 


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