Expiration Date ~ comic book (Special Deadition) - Laura Flook

Expiration Date ~ comic book (Special Deadition)

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I stopped selling this for some time, under the fleeting concern that my comic was not elegant enough to align with the sophisticated world of fashion .... to which I now  reflect:
"What in pedestrian FUCKery was I THINKING?"  
Conformity should only be the goal if you have have military or serial killer aspirations.


This book is.. "NOT for EVERYBodY.." ..young children, primarily. some teenagers, ... possibly most adults.


•With 40 pages of full-color fruitiness and initially released at New York Comic Con 2015 , this Special Deadition's glossy-covered, professionally bound 9 x 6" book includes thee entire issue #1 (of which, there are less than 300 in circulation throughout our fair UNiverse) an OPen Casket INTROsuction to Issue #2, as well as a few bonus pages (including a collage of ISsue #1 rough drafts and a documented nightdream)

• conceived, written, developed and published by Laura Flook.
• Issue #1 ©2000 - illustrated, lettered and formatted by Los Angeled-based Rival advert agency guru/ multi-faceted creative genius: Brian Williams.
• Issue #2 ©2015 - cover art, intro and all other pictorials, lettering and graphic arrangement by Laura Flook.
• special Toothpaste and Popularity guidance by Lydia Fandry
• All copies will be signed
• ready to ship

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