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"My custom made top is hands down the hi-light of my wardrobe. Love!
Thank you!"
~Stacey Sookerokoff



"Here's a photo from October 23, 2013. I remember the date because my girlfriend and I got engaged earlier that day... she took me to the Slipper Room in NYC to celebrate and I somehow ended up on stage... awkward... 

Also... I think I might have been your first customer when you opened your online shop... my order # was 1001. Anyway... that's me with the red Mohawk... obviously.

Feel free to use my name, number, social security number, date of birth, date of death, whatever."

~Brandy Williamson




Pictured ABove is THe BRave, Michael W. Kohlman.

"For Laura Flook, I was working on a themed self-portrait and felt your shirt is the best. Now keep in mind that usually before I use the sword, I fight like a true Scot and drop out of the kilt."


"Expiration Date:) I love it and appreciate the toe tag and personalized note you included.
I've got my friends hooked on Oddities now and we cheer when you guest star.
I hope to make some more purchases from you soon as your styles are magical, dark and imaginative."
~ Moonchild Trista

 <--The STuNning MOoNCHILD TRiSTA with Her COpy of "Expiration Date"



   "Obviously, I'm not wearing it, but I do love the aesthetic look of it in front of one of my favorite human skulls. He actually happens to guard a lot things placed anywhere near him, so I don't wear the pin as much as I'd like to, haha. Really beautiful pin. Looks very dashing with a lot of my ties.
Hope all is well.


Johnny Ordonez



Pictured above is Satisfied Patron, PATrick CRAIG ( of New York City) looking SMart in his LF Logo Tee.





Written by Laura Flook — October 19, 2013


George Muller:

I bought two T-shirts, and I have to admit they are the most comfortable shirts I have EVER owned! I’ll be back for more!

October 20 2013 at 06:10 AM

Jon Crist:

If you were to send me one of you wonderful t-shirts (sixe 4X, I would gladly wear it around town (Longview, Wa). It would be liking owning a Large (Size 4X) portable Billboard.

October 20 2013 at 06:10 PM

Connie Torgerson:

Hi Laura!

It just arrived and is beyond words. Your attention to detail is extraordinary. I love everything, from the button on the bag and the bee stamps on the box. Thank you again for taking the time to find the trim and making another bag. This bag means alot to me for everything it represents.

Take care and I look forward to shopping with you again. Want to share one of my favorite quotes by Camus “In the depth of winter, I discovered inside me an invisible summer.”


November 06 2013 at 06:11 AM


I recently completed watching the complete three seasons of Oddities, and your dresses stuned me in the episode “Model Mortician”! When I found out you had a website, with clothing, jewelry, and a comic all done by you, the fantastic Laura Flook I nearly fainted.

January 31 2014 at 05:01 PM

jason carella:

your awesome i love all your work im still trying to get expiration date but the tshirt i got so quickly will hold me over till then thank!!!!!!1

February 12 2014 at 04:02 PM

Michael Butkvoich:

Just discovered you and your works…what a treat to explore the site and all it is, that which is you…Macabre tastefully tacked with a Victorian twist, offered up in gothic love of shadows in cloth…to be dressed to the hilt for a midnight stroll in dark path-ways or through Central Park, on moonless nights. You make me wish, Laura my dear, creator you are, that I could be killed and tomorrow reborn, a woman like you, then I too could wear…these cloths of macabre and then perhaps the Count would fare me too for a bite or two or at least, the Devil’s love would do too…XOXO

September 23 2015 at 06:09 PM

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