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This is where the ARTICLE TITLE would be positioned, if i had one

Thanks to the voyeuristic properties of my website hosting service, I've noticed a number of "computer owners" have asked the infallible resource of GOOGLE about my "health". I must say, … i AM touched. And i suppose it's time I talk about my condition, so  anyone else similarly afflicted can rest assured they are NOT ALONE..Yes.laura fLook DOES have an illness. .LIke many others (BILLIONS of others, to be precisely inaccurate) I have been exposed to the spores of Staphylococksuckers Boreus bacterium all my life. And at this stage, while my tolerance and semi-adaptable success for the virus is miraculously high, I do still suffer from frequent bouts of severe Misanthropy..sometimes accompanied by Involuntary Escapism and Depression... Tragically, there is no...

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 Shortly after the collapse of the 20th Century, I was serving part of my NY State Funeral Director/Embalmer's Residency in a Manhattan Funeral Home and we had..i suppose you could call them "permission slips" (for funeral-GUESTS- not Funeral-attractions)...I just came across one within my wHORe's NEST of LOOse papers -which I was sorting through...hunting for my expired passport,because it's not in the toaster-oven where I normally keep it. I know it's utterly useless now (the passport. not the toaster oven)-as is the majority of artifacts I misplace in my personal dwelling - yet that won't restrain me from spontaneous and frantic hour-long attempts throughout the day/week/year to recover said item - because, DESPITE the blunt futility of the search (in...

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The Beginning of the MEND

Welcome to the new (and eventually improved) Laura Flook shop. I apologize for the Godot-like wait - only to display a few products at first. I will spare you the boredom of the particulars - as that will only delay more progress I'd be attempting to explain for lacking. Senseless. This does not mean, however, that I will follow the same logic in the future. I'd REally like to be able to say "I'm a creature of habit"..only because I admire the phrase-HOwever, I've accompanied myself long enough in my life to know, aside from my preference of alcoholic beverage and the frequency with which I purchase paper towels, that despite often making definitive claims about myself and what I...

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