Laura Flook

the CONfinemENT of VALEDiction- Laura Flook prepares for The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt in NYC

I am beyond honored to be a part of the upcoming Fabregé Big Egg HUnt in New YOrk CIty, set to begin TUesday, APril 1st and end April 26th, 2014.

The Fabergé Big Egg Hunt is the world’s BIGGEST egg hunt, raising millions of dollars for two worthy causes: Studio in a School and Elephant Family

I have essentially been working 'round the clock on my egg (and documenting the process- as best my two hands can manage) since Thanksgiving of 2013.
MUSiciANs (Living AND deceased) whose Music Helped Maintain My Momentum throughout the 3 Month Ovulation Process….(and To Whom I owe immeasurable diversionary thanks to include :

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Over 250 of the world’s leading artists, designers, architects, and photographers (and then there's me..) have each created a one-of-a-kind exquisite egg sculpture.

The eggs will be hidden in locations throughout the 5 boroughs and are hunted down by the public, all of whom will be chasing incredible Fabergé prizes.

Each handcrafted egg sculpture is a highly collectable work of art which will be auctioned at the end of the hunt, through and Sotheby's auction house, raising vital funds for Elephant Family and Studio in a School

The public will be able to purchase limited edition miniature eggs and OTher merchandise at or through their pop up stores across the city

For complete details on the BIG egG HUnt, visit

Follow Big Egg hunt UPDATES here:

Twitter: @TheBigEggHuntNY
Instagram: @TheBigEggHuntNY

to learn more about the incredible organizations that will benefit from The Faberge Big Egg Hunt auction, you can check out their websites here:

Prelude to a PRoper 'Making of' Video... #thebigegghuntny

"Confinement of Valediction" Egg by Laura Flook for the upcoming FABERGé BIG EGG HUNT in New YORK - set to commence April 1st 2014- ... i was forced into making this slideshow because saving this group of photos as a pdf. file was beyond my cerebral grasp. (yup.. kinda sad.. though i regret nothing, as this is much more fun than a boring pdf. ).. anyway, this is just the very beginning of my egg in progress.. THE much anticipated (well,.by me anyway) 'Making of Video' is still being edited.. and i assure, you it will be BIGGER! LOUDER! FASTER!! something like that.. Musical piece: "In the hall of the mountain king" , composed by Edvard Grieg... To. Be CONtinued..

it''s NOT you, it's ME

Friends,.. STrangers,.. Acquaintances, not feeling my most articulate, although i don't intend to fully explain nor expect to be entirely understood, anyhow (LONG LIvE The VAGUE!).however, i DO want to apologize to THOse of you WHo have sent me E-mail, Social Media messages and even parcels in the past few months and have not received any response..I HAVE had some trouble with my e-mail (not receiving all messages i'm told were sent to me and sending messages that apparently never arrived to their intended destinations.i confess, however, my silence has mostly been due to my relentless consumption with an art project i've been really enjoying (which is why i feel guilt, because i'm surrounding my time around this venture AND actually taking pleasure in it... i think alan partridge might be outside on my street, perhaps having a nervous breakdown.. a man keeps screaming "A-HA!" .. (i'll be allowed to share details regarding the aforementioned mystery project. in approximately a few weeks ,i believe??) any rate, I am racing against time more than ever now, as i must complete everything by next Monday, so apart from a few social engagements i reserved time for and sporadic split second decisions of time expenditure, i will be continuing to wear these blinders for another week. i have been pretty much living irresponsibly fixated on this undertaking since around thanksgiving ... A solid routine is nothing i've ever had the ability to adhere to, as there are too many disconnected disturbances and distractions that prevent me from keeping any formalized order and schedule.please forgive me..i am sorry. i hope no one is upset with me and that i have not inconvenienced anyone from my neglect .. trying my best, considering the proverbial hand of cards that have been thrown in my face (many of them unwelcome.). i hope everyone is feeling superb and no one has taken my failure to contact them, personally. Will be more attentive with mankind in the coming weeks. Xo


IT's a BIRD! .. it's a SNAKE!'s a.. PAIR of OVARIES and a CLiToris??

"Not really", "Sort of" and.. "To Each, Their Own". 


The STORY behind the Laura FLook Logo


My Logo's appearance is a clever twist on the Caduceus symbol ( pictured below),.

~The Caduceus- a short Singular Staff or Wand carried by heralds, Typically entwined by two serpents.

In my logo, the Staff has been replaced with a Sewing needle, the intertwining serpents have been replaced with Thread and the Wings often perched upon the Staff are actually part of a Decorative pair of ANtique EMbroidery SCissors (with my initials subtly inserted into the EYE Rings .. and then there are some who say my logo looks like female sex organs……and i can't really argue with that..because.. well, it really does.. Though that was by no means intended by Logo-Designer and Master-mind, Brian Williams (of Expiration Date illustration glory)- OR SO HE CLAIMS.. ANyway, back to the caduceus..

Most broadly associated with "Healing", the classic symbolism of the Caduceus is more accurately that of Greek and Roman mythology. Hermes and Mercury, Greek and Roman Messengers of the gods, respectively, both bore the Caduceus.

Mercury ( often portrayed carrying the Caduceus in his Left hand ) was regarded as the Roman god of Eloquence, Skill, Trading, and Thieving, A Messenger of the gods, as well as Guide of the deAD, Protector of Merchants, Sheperds, Gamblers, Liars and Thieves… AN all around fantastic Fellow for the decent and disgraceful, alike.

 Using an intEGRation of all the caduceus' Symbolic components (ANd twisted tailoring ornamentation)  you may interpret my logo, however you wish.

There is a lot of confusion / debate over the differences betWeen the Caduceus and the Rod of Asclepius (which is the more 'medical' of the two symbols, - along with the meaning of each, despite the common misconceptions, concerning the two.

However, I did manage to find one website that seems to clarify this quite responsibly. IF you're interested in learning more, take a click on over to :

and Now..., a Sneak Peak into the CREATIVE PROCESS…


Email Subject: Re: URgEnt (but not life-threatening) part II

On Mar 17, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Laura Flook<> wrote:

<<Hey! I totally LOVE that shit and tie!

Brian, you grossly misspelled SHIRT, but thanks for the praise! okay. where was i. oh yeah. my STUFf isn't flying off the shelF. it's obviously the label you designed. i'm gonna need something cooler. . . . . .  (kidding. i absolutely love it.)

oh.. here's fun.. check it out.. i'm a CHICKEN- pre-roasted.. and then wait, I'm a TRANNY CONStRUCTION WORKER! HAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAHA

below are some unedited images from last Saturday's magazine shoot I took part in.. no amount of retouching is going to make me look less like a fucking Tranny NOR Chicken.. at any rate, these outfits give me hope that perhaps my designs will one day sell.

look how happy i am!
It's a WIG, by the way. even though it uncannily resembles an old haircut of mine.

there's like six other looks from the shoot, but these are amongst the most embarrassing.


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A few words to the legion (I'm not exaggerating. i won't even attempt to tally a number, there are so many) of Aspiring Morticians that have contacted me within the past 3 years or so, for academic advice, career counseling and so on..
It's been approximately sixteen years since I enrolled in embalming school - approximately 14 years since I graduated...and it's been about eight years since I've embalmed, cremated and worked at all in the funeral profession.
THINGS HAVE CHANGED…and in my opinion, scarcely for the better. There are reasons I quit. Too many to go into. Even my closest friends do not know of all of them, because there is just TOO much to go into and I do not speak to any one person on a regular basis and at length enough to fill them in on every lifetime gamble nor time investment I make and accordingly, each experience and outcome, resulting..for If i did, I wouldn't have time to make any MORE ODysseys of uncertainty and perils of passion.which means,.. seeing as though i do not particularly enjoy SPEAKING, as much as i receive satisfaction from DOING, i'd probably lead a very sad existence filled with grief and misery…don't get me wrong. I don't completely hole myself away from others- but i don't necessarily need to socially interact with anyone for more than a few minutes of each day.. that's just me though. everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses and only the person in question who holds any sort of trait can differentiate between the two. Not everyone needs to be a COmmunity BUtterfly.. There are those of us who don't necessarily think it's "healthy" to be prisoner to round-the-clock company and rather enjoy being selective-speaking caterpillars. I find it a strength of mine that i am able to live with a dog and require little human-interaction, because i can see how painful some people appear and sound when they are left alone. sorry. i might be straying away from the point. please excuse my derailment. FUNERAL SERVICE- yes. A FEW THINGS.
For ANY OF those who are still ADVICE to ANYONE TRULY INTERESTED in DEATH-CARE and/or MORTUARY SCIENCE…"DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.. and do the LEAST AMOUNT of Research "On the INTERNET.". You have MANY options. when i had the epiphany that working in Funeral Service was my personal calling, I did not have the use of a computer or the internet. To start out in my research, I had only a complimentary copy of the city yellowpages and anyone i would track down in person.I'm grateful for that, too. There's a clusterfuck of subjective rubbish to sift through online to find FACTUAL info. Use OBjective facts to form YOUR OWN opinions. Like the bodies of the deceased you aspire to care for, everyone's situation is unique. And many people out there, are great story tellers, but you cannot judge a book from its cover or an apple from a tree, or just about ANYTHING on the internet. You have to experience it in person. TALK to a funeral director in the town you wish to work -IN PERSON.. and NOT just ONE. TALK TO MANY. Find out as much as you can about EVERYTHING you can.
As far as broadcasting my own experiences.. i'd much rather share bitter-sweet or hilariously-depressing anecdotes as i am reminded of them, on my own time, while i pursue more creative ventures. CURSEd be the one who attempts to deny me my right to combine the two :)  see Expiration DATE for DETAils..

How YOUr PURchase ALso HELps..

At least 5% of All Purchase Proceeds are Annually Donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. 100% of this donation will be used to fund NARSAD ( National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression) Grants that Focus on Research and Development into the Prevention and Treatment of Serious Mental Illnesses and Conditions, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective & Bipolar Disorders, Major Depression and Autism.