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excerpt from an old INterview, i fancy.

I came across this accidentally, searching for something completely unrelated. i like it, i believe it is still relevant, so i thought i would share.. 

((P.S... if you have tried to contact me within the last month or more and i have not responded, please forgive me, i have not been speaking out loud each and every day and my correspondences are few and far between. i just visited my p.o. box for teh first time in a few weeks, a few days ago.. . As always, please direct any messages of importance or urgency to my e-mail address : Facebook and instagram messages are the last thing i look at. i am not proud to admit, i have close to 1000 unread messages on facebook.. it's scary to look at. some of you are now dead.. sometimes i read and respond to the most recent ones.. sometimes i do not.  i am sorry. i am Far from perfect.

From Hat Trick Magazine, UK

(Mich) Elle Fitz: Individuality and creative inspiration seems hard to come by in this consumption-based, digital culture.With so many artists losing grips with staying centred on their own creative compass, likely through saturation and overexposure to the marketing efforts of others, I would like to hear how your style and creative force has evolved. 

My response:  INdividuality.. yes.. there certainly seems to be less and less of that - inspiration, however.. remains everywhere.. it's not gone ANYwhere, fact, there is more of it now, than EVEr before, evident merely by the continuous population increase on this planet....even something banal can be inspiring..i find commonplace things to be esPEcially inspiring, because i see so many things i'd like to change in them. necessity is indEED, the mother of invention. one need not search for inspiration solely in museums, books and other libraries of curated art.. i think it's safer to draw inspiration from things you really AREN’t in love with - as opposed to those you very much are .. because when you primarily look for yOUR OWN ideas in SOMEONE else's, get into idea theft territory..and while YES - nothing is completely NEW and ORIginal..EVERYthing IS derivative in SOMe way or another AND imitation is 'A FORM' of appreciation (i do not agree with the 'SINCEREST' part of that time-honoured adage..but i recognize it is definitely A FORm....  it's still a very ugly thing when i see someone emulate another's work SO intimately  - (in theory Or/AND design) that said emulator seems to have forgotten to add their own justifiably unique spin or composition on the work that it pretty much crosses the border of inspiration, into iDEA POACHing and consequentially, DiSREspect..PARTICularly if it is a UNIQue idea of someone in love with the labor lifted from someone who’s mouth and ego are bigger than their moral fiber. .if it's meant to be flattery you're hoping to achieve by organised mimicry, at least let it be known who inSPIred (or more accurately - who CONSCIOUSLY INFLUenced)  your creation rather than leading your familiars and admirers to think that you were honourably motivated by your OWN vision - i'm not going to lie.. i'm speaking in reference to a few specific cases (by the way i hate self-righteousness masked in the guise of irreproachability as much as i hate the existence of injustice. i am by no means claiming to be an an authority, expert nor SAint..i live in a different solar system than 'perfection'.. it just boils my brain when i see opportunistic crookery - and i don't understand how someone can live with themselves- attempting to run off with near-exact ideas of someone else's and passing them off as their own. most practiced human behavior bewilders me tho and the internet is an ugly place. ) You ARE correct about the overexposure of certain trends affecting the creativity of many  “artists”  (sorry.. i’ve always had a problem with that word. "artist"  i realize part of the definition of ‘art’ includes the EXPRESSion of creativity itself, but since it also denotes a level of imagination and mastery, .. “artist” is just too BROAd a description. Even ACCounting can be artistic if approached with passion and distinction. I feel like describing someone ELSE as an artist’ is something to be reserved as the highest of praise. .If somebody refers to themSELVes as an ARTIst? haha, to ME, it just sounds incredibly arrogant  .. like introducing yourself to someone as a  "VISionARY" or a "Genius" it's just silly.. New words need to be created and or more routinely implemented when referring to people who create audio, visual or literary compositions.. the word “COMPOSer” would suffice, actually.. anyhow, i apologize for the semantics.. not a fan of arguing philosophy either...anyway, these are just musings. . Like beauty,  i believe 'ART' is in the eye of the beholder ..not the creator. ..back to your question.. YES.. it confuses me many people leaping onto the bRandwagon.. the flooding of imitated media content surely is the cause of some of this but it’s not simply reactionary - like SUZY did not just Trip over a ROCk and EMERGE with a newfound obsession for incorporating rodent skulls and timepiece constituents into all of her brooches and millinery works. heavy metal music never forced anybody to kill themselves. "everybody has choices" (<- thats one of my favourite's VAGUe, but it's SO true). i guess i find a conundrum in the nature of "the TREnd" (whatever that may be.. what was different is now the same.  it's absolutely wonderful to have commonalities and shared interests with others - but where's the magic and challenge in agreeing with others about EVERYTHING subjective? i can't be the only one who finds that incredibly dull. 

nEWW .. "STUFF"... on the way..PART 2

OKay...I am NOT happy with the samples i mentioned in the previous post... . while the convenience of others manufacturing my work is grand in thEORY, i am just RARELy ever pleased with the finished outcome. NEW PLAN, i'm working on several, actually. feeling SUPER Clear again (Thank you haloperidol.. you suck TREMENDOUSLY,  but deep down i am grateful for you and i owe you a YAGHT)... i will keep you updated as i continue to connect the dots. thank you for your perpetual patience. 

BElow: a new composition of mine.

.( "What think You?", a digital collage. comprised of some old personal handwritten notes, orchestra music from a book of my late maternal grandmonther's, an early 20th century newspaper graphic, textures, bleeds and printed letters , "...

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Written by Laura Flook — July 02, 2015

a moment of aRticulate CLARiTY i'd like to share..


i don't often get these - and not often are they physically recorded in any way... so with no disrespect to the person i sent this text i'm about to share with you- (whose name i will not share) - i feel what i wrote to them is something other people of the various mind-openings might like to read, relate to and / or possibly consider doing, if they haven't already. it is by NO MEANS an attempt to educate anyone here - . just an organized thought that i believe (perhaps incorrectly) some people might be interested in taking a gander at.. (P.S.. for those who may wonder,- my text messages are not always this long..but yes, it's safe to remain grateful we haven't exchanged phone numbers, as i'm not always "brief" either.//


TEXT MESSAGE - from ME to ANOTher:

I don't trust second-hand sources..and therefore i take every story I hear from one ( aka gossip) as whisper down the lane gone mad speculation of often originally inaccurate and or skewed opinions. I have to get to know someone free from prejudice. Hell I often don't even trust thee original source,.. But I do know that some people are sincere and not evil. Annoying or loathesome is an entirely separate factor..I do not mean to put myself up on a pedestal but I believe myself to be one of those sincere types and I've experienced super infantile discrimination, horrific public scrutiny and out casting my entire life because people think they can just read the page sixty cliffs notes on 'That Laura girl' and understand who I am better than anyone. I figure ( as it seems you do as well because I don't see you putting on public displays of "This is who i am and am not" antics) that anyone who doesn't compute information they receive on OTHER people the same generalized "well I'll just have to either see for myself before adding to the condemnation of their public branding ..which is no speedy/ effortless process ..- or continue not to pay any attention to all the small talk fodder and just remain estranged from them- mentality. Just another person I pass on the street and know nothing about. Because of this, I do not and have NEVER associated myself with any group, clique, scene ..I have individual friends from various social groupings and they would far from seamlessly mesh if all invited into one room together for a Party and I needn't explain why because I think you Know very well what I mean by that. Crowd mentality is most often grossly inaccurate when compared to the facts. People lie thogh and betray trust. And I'm healthfully suspicious of that sometimes later admittedly to more precautionary measures than necessary but .. Therein lies one of the many inconveniences of life



i do not claim to know anyone COMPLETELY.. no matter how long i've known someone or how many accumulative hours i've spent with them,.. we are all full of surprises and keep certain things to ourselves for many DIFFERENT reasons.. and it seems most people don't even know themselves completely.. so who is anyone else to say they know them BETTer?? there's no logic in that.. they do not have all the variables.. they do not have all the factors.. from horoscopes to the government, from habit to speculation and from gossip to organized religion, .. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE DOES.


***quietly stepping off my BOX-O-SOAP now***

Rosemary's Bunny .. and "ALL of tHem StiTChes"....

"The Confinement of Valediction" - Still photos ....


Egg Interior, Exterior & Bunny Materials:

Fiberglass, Paints (Oil, Acrylic, Watercolor, Latex; Enamel) Ink, Glass, Clay, Brass, Incandescent Lightbulb, Silk Velvet, Dupioni Silk, Passimentarie, Grosgrain, Wire Armature, Toy Fiber, Faux FUr, Vintage Lace, Prosthetic Human Teeth, Blown-Glass Eyes, Antique Infant Casket Hardware, REmovable Brass ‘Hand-of-Valediction Lariat’, Autopsy Ligature, LF insignia Toe-Tag, braided fabric-covered electrical cord, Sebastopol/Danubian Goose feather






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