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ODDITIES holiday Bazaar - this SUNday , Nov. 26

+ a super special LIVE performance by Aurelio VOLTAIRE at 2pm. hope to see you there! I'll be DJing (and won't be able to hold long conversations or anything, because i am not wonderful at doing two things at once and the whole idea of 'multi-tasking' is a FARCE ... seriously, the quality of one of your tasks will suffer and that's just not even up for debate), but please come say hello and/or introduce yourself.  I will also have some specially-priced 'Expiration Date ~ Special Deadition' comic books for sale at the Obscura table.  

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a dream deterred..

i found an 'ABortion REVERSAL kit' at the pharmacy that i bought because i thought it was hilarious and there was a giant plastic toy insect that came with it.. i took it out to play with it and it turned into a bird of some sort.. i turned my back for one second and then glanced at the bird again and he was smoking a cigarette. i was surprised by this but even more astonished that he was now speaking to me in ENglish, explaining how he WAS PREVIOUSLY  a MAN taking part in a pharmaceutical 'drug study' that went horribly awry…and so to cover up the mishap, the government stepped in and packaged him into the new "ABORTION...

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