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 Shortly after the collapse of the 20th Century, I was serving part of my NY State Funeral Director/Embalmer's Residency in a Manhattan Funeral Home and we had..i suppose you could call them "permission slips" (for funeral-GUESTS- not Funeral-attractions)...I just came across one within my wHORe's NEST of LOOse papers -which I was sorting through...hunting for my expired passport,because it's not in the toaster-oven where I normally keep it. I know it's utterly useless now (the passport. not the toaster oven)-as is the majority of artifacts I misplace in my personal dwelling - yet that won't restrain me from spontaneous and frantic hour-long attempts throughout the day/week/year to recover said item - because, DESPITE the blunt futility of the search (in...

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The Beginning of the MEND

Welcome to the new (and eventually improved) Laura Flook shop. I apologize for the Godot-like wait - only to display a few products at first. I will spare you the boredom of the particulars - as that will only delay more progress I'd be attempting to explain for lacking. Senseless. This does not mean, however, that I will follow the same logic in the future. I'd REally like to be able to say "I'm a creature of habit"..only because I admire the phrase-HOwever, I've accompanied myself long enough in my life to know, aside from my preference of alcoholic beverage and the frequency with which I purchase paper towels, that despite often making definitive claims about myself and what I...

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