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The thoughtfully talented, funerary fashion squad, GOING OUT IN STYLE (as featured in Harper's Bazaar's WTFashion and Business Insider) met up with me for caffeinated beverages to discuss fashion, function, festivity and fatality (amongst other things that dO and DO NOT begin with the letter F)..  You can read their newest blog entry here,, wherein i discuss my worldly last wishes, but do yourself a favor and visit their website to learn more about their exciting work. Their BLOG is also a fascinating curation of death-related intelligence - and their INSTAGRAM, a visionary "funeral for thought".  I fully support a personalized “Last Wish-Based” funeral industry - in lieu of  the tried and tired "leave the details up to those you leave behind" and the centuries-old, unnecessarily costly and often obsolete Cookie-Cutter “insert-your-name-here” options...

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