Laura Flook

 It is with - I feel like I’m supposed to say "heavy heart”, though it is decidedly with “great pride” that i announce my discontinuation oF the #HANDofVALEDICTION jewelry collection . 

… i was going to go into the details as to wHY i am retiring this line, but i believe my time would be better spent getting back to work on EXPIRATION DATE 2…  which i FINALLy feel properly settled in the perfect atmosphere to ACTUAlly make progress and COMPLETE it.. More jewelry will be designed and created in the future - and i do have some stray hands i reserved to make some one-of-a-kind accessories with, and t-shirts and side projects will continue but for now ..(and a LOT LAter than my intended projection.. because life is a journey and i am REALLY BAD at TRAVELing?) i am committed to finishing part two of Expiration Date.. and keep the momentum going with part 3 and so forth. i hope..… ssoOOoooo the hands-of-valediction you see in this photo are what MOSTly remain from the hand-of-valediction line. If you wish to own a piece of hERstory and/or COmmemorate a loss or metamorphosis with one of these trinkets, you can find what’s left in the new ’MORIBUND’ section of my website.  PROFUSe thanks to all of YOU who have made this venture worthwhile, Mike and Evan @ObsucraAntiques for generously allowing me to retail these in your shop, Mark and Mary for possibly threatening the lives of shoppers who otherwise would never have even noticed my jewelry, let alone PURCHased any…and immeasurable gratitude to  jeweler-extrAordinaire, skilled sorcerer and crackerjack collaborator, Allison of #RockloveJewelry , withOUt Whom, this entire collection would never have evolved. Y’ALL are the cadillac carriages of comrades and i salute thee. 

Written by Laura Flook — January 12, 2017

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At least 5% of All Purchase Proceeds are Annually Donated to The Brain and Behavior Research Foundation. 100% of this donation will be used to fund NARSAD ( National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia and Depression) Grants that Focus on Research and Development into the Prevention and Treatment of Serious Mental Illnesses and Conditions, such as Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective & Bipolar Disorders, Major Depression and Autism.