Featured Friend in Flook : Esther Crow

As a designer, there's nothing more flattering to me when artists I admire and people I am acquainted or friends with show interest in my own creations, so it was a serious compliment when Esther Crow ordered the Tattered Heart in Hand ~ necklace a few years ago.
(seen gracing her neck, below.)
Photos (left to right):  Lindi Gordon, Laura Flook
Esther Crow is very much a human treasure chest of dynamic surprises and cosmic inspiration. 
 Creator of hand-puppets, garage/psyche/punk-band singer , hostess of scholastic workshops and partridge-family-like living room quarantine performances ,founder and songstress of an educational, environmental and socially significant rock band for kids, Thunder & Sunshine , Esther is even preparing to release a debut SOLO album,..
 I am in awe of all her capabilities , yet it would not phase me the slightest if later today I learn she is also a part time fire-fighter/volunteer brain surgeon and has her own namesake brands of pasta sauce and tequila. 
Photos (clockwise from upper left)
Jolie DuFane, Lindi Gordon,
Santa Leonor Conciertos, Alice Teeple
Photo: Johan Vipper
Photo: Dan Crow
Artwork: Jeff Lewonczyk

Photo: Lauren Krohn

Delighted again, I was -when she donned my "Hello Clarice" face covering last year, captured by photographer, Lauren Krohn.

For your auditory pleasure - quite probably my favorite Electric Mess song to date, 'Last Call' - can be heard (free) on my Mixcloud DJ recording 'Party of One'

ALSO.... Earth Day is UPON US!

(it's April 22 for those of us with lousy memories) 

In honor of (and to benefit) our mother planet, Esther releases her first solo single, 'It's So Easy Being Green'  inspired by Vincent ( her expelled womb goblin of 7 years) and geared towards other young Earthlings. The song is about how even the smallest of adjustments in personal habits can make a truly significant impact on the health of our environment - and subsequently, all its inhabitants.

P.S. Son Vincent plays a kick ass minuet on the violin.

If you know a child, are a child or even spawned one of your own, gather 'round the monitor and check it out on Esther's website (link below) .
The entire, new album, 'All Together Now is due for release on June 25th, 2021.
Half of all album sales will be donated to an
environmental cause (TBD).
Connect with Esther below!

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