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•it was not unusual in Ancient Egypt for families to delay the transportation of their dead females to the mortuary until their bodies were in a visibly decomposed state , so as to fend off any necrophiliac-urges from the embalmers.

this i had learned about many years ago in embalming school .. what i only recently learned was that apparently the morticians of the time were considered so fragrantly foul, from working with (and perhaps “over”) the dead, that even prostitutes reportedly refused to have sex with them ..

• "Laughing Gas" (Nitrous Oxide) was discovered in 1772, by the same person ( Joseph Priestley) who invented Soda Water. . Unsurprisingly, laughing gas was at first used for recreation...TWENTY-SEVEN YEARS LATER, it would finally be recommended for use during surgery. However, the British scientist who had suggested this (after experimenting A LOT with the stuff, hoping to find a cure for a Hangover) conveniently forgot about his idea and it wasn't until DECADES LATER that the idea of using Laughing Gas as an anesthetic would be revisited and used accordingly... i am now wondering why i was not offered nitrous oxide when i had my tooth extraction. I was asked if i would like to be rendered unconscious (which i immediately protested to), but laughing gas was never brought up as an option. i was given LOCAL and a freakin' SONG improvised and performed by the oral surgeon to cover up the sound of wrenched jaw bone. It wAS amusing, i will say that. 

• The FDA is permitted to accept generic drugs that are 20% weaker or 25% stronger than their brand name forefathers.  This explains why generic medications are ineffective for SOME patients and TOO strong (or side-effect laden) for others . AND THAT SUCKS<--- THat's a scientific fact. 

• Dr. Seuss coined the word "NERD"..and contrary to popular assumption, he was actually NOT fond of children.

APPARENTLY , the typical Human Being Will LOSE about one-sixteenth of an inch in HEIGHT, PER YEAR, starting at the age of Thirty. This is brought about by the thinning of spaces in between the vertebrae.


• ACCORDINg to the FBI's HOMICIDE statistics for YEAR 2014..

you are nearly 13 times  MORE LIKELY to be MURDERED by yoUR HUSBAND, than be killed by a dog.

and a little more than THREE TIMES AS LIKELY to be MURDERED by your OWN CHILD, than be mauled to death by a dog..  

...for those without husbands and kids,,,You are still more than

•TWICE as likely to be murdered by your WIFE  ..                                                Approx 2 and a HALF times more likely to be murdered by your NEIGHBOR  More than SIX times as likely to be murdered by a NON-immediate FAMILY member ..                                                                                                                      About 7 TIMES more likely to be murdered by ONE OF YOUR OWN PARENTS •Nearly 8 TIMES as Likely to be murdered by someone you consider a "FRIEND" ....And More than 57 TIMES as LIKELY tO BE MURDERED BY a MERE ACQUAINTANCE ..

THAN YOU ARE to be KiLLED by A DOG (wild OR domestic) .  .  Mankind is NOT Very kind at all . Blanket BANs on selected dog breeds ( such as the unfortunate branded Bulls of Pit , ) just make no sense . You might as well put aban on Caucasian females , if you're going to ban a dog somewhere in the US, because again , you're A LOT more likely to be BRUTALLY MURDERED by a White chick  

... which reminds me.. you are more than 1,018 TIMES more likely to be KILLED bY YOUR OWN HAND.. than be killed by a dog. (I researched the number of people killed by dogs vs other humans ( in the United States ) for the year 2014 ..Homo sapiens are the most dangerous Breed of all ( and these statistics do not include what law officials consider "justifiable homicide" ( for instance , being shot by a police officer ) or non-negligent manslaughter cases, for if they did, the results would be even more staggering . It's not even about breed , it's about species. Humans are thee worst . 


• If you've ever wondered why you no longer hear English-speaking persons talking  with the excessive charm and destinction of the elite voices made familiar in the films and newsreels of Hollywood's Golden Age... it's because NOWHERE did anyone actually speak like that. Not organically, anyway. ..This particular style of speech is a deliberate blend of American English and British English- referred to as the "Transatlantic Accent' (or Mid-Atlantic Accent) and it was an entirely acquired elocution taught to and used by actors and announcers of the time.

• APparently, our senses can detect around 11 MiLLiON pieces of information per SECOND ...yet most humans are only capable of processing a total of 5 to 7 of those.

• The famous Nike slogan "Just Do It" was actually inspired by the words of notorious American criminal, Gary Gilmore (December 4, 1940 – January 17, 1977) .Gary's last words spoken to the firing squad about to execute him : "let's do this." 

• You can kill yourself by eating SOCKS.. and you wouldn't be the first. A pack of cigarettes also makes a nice snack for this purpose.