Regretful News & a Adorable Photo of my Dog to Counteract Said News


I'm afraid I had to increase the price from $13 to $17 for the Expiration Date comic book..  I'm sorry.
The tedious preparation of each comic, toe tag and parcel is taking up a great deal of my time - preventing me from working on other things I fancy that more effectively support my geriatric Black Labrador Retriever's living and medical expenses~ as well as my own.. I honestly did not expect more than a few orders a week (it was supposed to be a "Side" project) - as it is now, the comics are occupying most of my time.. and in the end, it doesn't really amount to much in the form of compensation for both materials And my time. The $4 hike is not going to solve the economic injustice that I (and so many of us enjoy). However, i AM hoping that the price increase will reduce the amount of orders I get (Fantastic business idea, right? ha!), to loosen up more of my time, so I can pursue more sartorial projects I've unfortunately had to put on hold. 
Serious suggestions of how to increase the amount of hours in the day are 'welcome' (though not particularly chances are, I've already thought of / considered / tried to apply it and there's a reason it's not working. (Probably something to do with SCiENce and shit). .At Any rate, Please forgive me.

<---here's the photo of comfort i promised you

p.s... i realize the caption on Trocar's photo includes the word "helper", but seriously.. she does fuck all 'round here in terms of manual labor.

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