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"Jelly" ~ Sculpted in Oil-Based Clay and Cast in Plastic from a Silicone MOld by Reporter/Comic Strip Artist, Jarod Roberts ~

I received this fantastic gift in the mail, from a customer who apparently enjoyed reading his copy of Expiration Date..

 I was beyond impressed..astounded, really (and simultaneously relieved (though considerably more astounded  as my initial thoughts, after beginning to open this package, included a few of the following:

" i REALLy, REALLy HATE PEANut foam"

"Why is the INside box so Freakishly cold?"

"And Why do the contents of this box shift from side to side in a "meaty" sort of way??"

"This feels more like ROADKiLL than a model car"

"I best put on some gloves"....

So the suspected automobile fatality turned out to be the above sculpture of my beloved Expiration Date character, "Jelly Klott".. i'm still in awe..This was sent to me a few weeks ago, and I contacted Jarod with this e-mail:

Subject: ho

ly meat cleaver in a mortician's hand, batman!

i have so much to say. aside from "that's fucking incredible" unfortunately, my brain power is petering out, due to overexerting myself speaking to someone kid of annoying on thursday..yes.. i'm just going to blame them. has nothing to do with this med change.... thus my delay in sending you an "I received your ridiculously mind-blowing creation in the mail. THANK YOU". e-mail. i took a slew of photos with my good camera.. need to sort through. am going to write a blogshite entry all about it.. i'm just beside myself. that was a dreadfully thoughtful surprise. and to respond to your message. i would love to write another expiration date. issue two is mostly already written from back when issue one was completed. Unfortunately, my artist (and best friend) is way too busy to illustrate any more comic books. He has...a .. BABY now.. (a living one. gross. so on top of working round the clock and being a father, he doesnt' really have the time to do things like sleep and illustrate my every fancy... and i don't know anyone whose artwork compares to his..(until NOW.. you don't happen to draw comic books, do you? :) Seriously, you have jelly down to a frightening likeness. if you are ever interested in taking over illustrations for expiration Date,  let's definitely talk. I sent text photos of your Jelly to Brian and he was just.. well.. here, i'll copy down the texts he replied to the photos i sent him with my "Fuck. Wow. This just arrived via UPS" message and photos.
Brian Text 1: "Holy. Shit."
Brian Text 2 (sent immediately after text 1) "I'm Speechless right now."
Brian Text 3 (sent shortly after text 2 .. he was probably taking a moment to wipe the tears from his eyes and drool from his mouth) "That is absolutely amazing.". 

thank you so much Jarod. Please write me back and tell me about how you just happened to end up a phenomenal modeler ??

I can't say thank you enough, without it beginning to sound insincere, i'll just try once more: THANK YOU.


((Jarod replied to my e-mail and has expressed definite interest in continuing Brian's 'good work'. perhaps there will be an Issue #2 of "ExpiratioN Date" after all.... 

Written by Laura Flook — February 09, 2013

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