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Thanks to the voyeuristic properties of my website hosting service, I've noticed a number of "computer owners" have asked the infallible resource of GOOGLE about my "health". I must say, … i AM touched. And i suppose it's time I talk about my condition, so  anyone else similarly afflicted can rest assured they are NOT ALONE..Yes.laura fLook DOES have an illness. .LIke many others (BILLIONS of others, to be precisely inaccurate) I have been exposed to the spores of Staphylococksuckers Boreus bacterium all my life. And at this stage, while my tolerance and semi-adaptable success for the virus is miraculously high, I do still suffer from frequent bouts of severe Misanthropy..sometimes accompanied by Involuntary Escapism and Depression... Tragically, there is no known (safe OR legal) cure for this ailment. However, a delicate integration of meds, carbs, caffeine, liquorice, fruit flavors and the odd alcoholic beverage keeps my condition in check, as does pet therapy, audio/visual distraction, prudent social interaction and my best efforts towards deliberate avoidance and/or disposal of time-wasting activities/humans (such as  small-talk, dental check-ups, babies, the painfully insincere, social drama, dating, insufficient tippers, people who eat a lot of eggs, humorless rock-star emulators, idea pirates, the needlessly impolite, naysayers, babies, interfering armchair publicists/politicians,ethicists and any moron who claims to be or implies they feel superior than someone else because they are more -(fill in subjective, scientifically unmeasurable term here)- OR -(fill in objectively irrelevant,yet scientifically measurable term here) .. basically any extravagant asshole and preventable unpleasantness in general. so YES. it's been a lifelong struggle, but I've managed to keep my head out of a plastic bag and the heads of others attached to their bodies.... for the result of the latter, YOU, dear compassionate ones- in which GOOGLE you trust-are most fucking welcome.. Here's a picture that reminds me of yet another time waster I manage to avoid...


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