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 Shortly after the collapse of the 20th Century, I was serving part of my NY State Funeral Director/Embalmer's Residency in a Manhattan Funeral Home and we had..i suppose you could call them "permission slips" (for funeral-GUESTS- not Funeral-attractions)...I just came across one within my wHORe's NEST of LOOse papers -which I was sorting through...hunting for my expired passport,because it's not in the toaster-oven where I normally keep it. I know it's utterly useless now (the passport. not the toaster oven)-as is the majority of artifacts I misplace in my personal dwelling - yet that won't restrain me from spontaneous and frantic hour-long attempts throughout the day/week/year to recover said item - because, DESPITE the blunt futility of the search (in most cases)- I have NO ONE to blame and IT SHOULD BE THERE. okay, so... FUNERAL PERMISSION SLIPS! Right.Back in "THE DAY" it seemed an employer would simply TRUST a lad was being genuine when he said "I can't make it into work today..I've got to go bury my Mother'' .. Nowadays (at least in New York City, i take it) you might require the reinforcement of a Xeroxed permission FORm with Funeral Home letterhead, filled out by someone who might be kinda sleepy at the time and trying to keep themselves amused and alert by adding a few extra words to the document of myself..Without exposing the Funeral Home letterhead and other parlor details (because if they happen to see this, I don't want them to know I wasted a piece of their paper.although technically, it wasn't a waste at all, because i never got rid of it- AND- it's still useful, as it was quite fundamental in making me laugh just a minute ago).  i better go put together more orders, before boring myself to sleep with this 400-word sleeping pill of a blog entry. By the way- ENORMOUS THanks TO EVERYONE who has been spreading the word about (and even more impressively, shopping at) my store! As soon as I transmute into Oprah Winfrey, I will treat you all to i-pads.

-and , to answer your questions: 1. I WILL (even though my signature,as surely you must know already- is worth absolutely NOTHING) and 2. YES ! Used to go at least once a year, but it's been a LONG, LONG time. :(


Written by Laura Flook — December 04, 2012

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