The Beginning of the MEND

Welcome to the new (and eventually improved) Laura Flook shop. I apologize for the Godot-like wait - only to display a few products at first. I will spare you the boredom of the particulars - as that will only delay more progress I'd be attempting to explain for lacking. Senseless. This does not mean, however, that I will follow the same logic in the future. I'd REally like to be able to say "I'm a creature of habit"..only because I admire the phrase-HOwever, I've accompanied myself long enough in my life to know, aside from my preference of alcoholic beverage and the frequency with which I purchase paper towels, that despite often making definitive claims about myself and what I like - I always manage to change my mind thirty-frillion times before making a decision, so a good lot of my situational choices are spontaneous. WHat am i writing about? OH YES, the SHOP! Here's the recoup-scoop. 

Now Brace yourselves..

this website is NOT PERFECT.... and nOR AM i. 


As with everything else I attempt, There's always room for improvement.. Given the opportunity, I will rarely consider anything "finished". That said, It's best I just publish the website now and roll with the cataclysm it might end up turning into BEFORE this website is converted into a memorial page where friends and foes alike can leave condolences, brimming with HILARIOUS FUNeral-related puns which no one EVER tires of "Killer website, Laura. WAY to Die."  <--priceless

Sooo WELCOME to - A 'Perpetual WORK in PROGRESS". New User-Friendly Features, additional F.A.Q., Newsletters and BLOGshite entries will be added nearly daily to this website - as will new merchandise I have for sale - like Hats, Gloves and Scarves - I just need to photograph them and figure out details / pricing, etc.  -*(and Now that I have a professional camera of my own (and some mad-mediocre skills, ..things can move along relatively quickly.  This computer is making me drowsy.

 Before e-mailing me with any questions or concerns, please see the FAQ for additional info


In the MEAN time, feel free to enjoy the crappy photos I took of my closest family member and friend, with whom I relish in a fantastical, completely healthy, unrealistically co-dependent relationship with. 

Taken at Obscura with my tel-o-phone, I managed to capture Trocar ,getting acquainted with her new taxidermied buddy- who we at first called "Agnes Fey".. but after discussing this for a good two minutes, Mary and I decided to keep with the spirit of embalming and corpse preparation, changing the little lamb's legal identity to "Lanolin". More to come. For now, I believe there is a colorful mound of fruity pebbles, soaking in a massive Orange-juice-filled tea cup- with my intentions all over it.


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