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i don't often get these - and not often are they physically recorded in any way... so with no disrespect to the person i sent this text i'm about to share with you- (whose name i will not share) - i feel what i wrote to them is something other people of the various mind-openings might like to read, relate to and / or possibly consider doing, if they haven't already. it is by NO MEANS an attempt to educate anyone here - . just an organized thought that i believe (perhaps incorrectly) some people might be interested in taking a gander at.. (P.S.. for those who may wonder,- my text messages are not always this long..but yes, it's safe to remain grateful we haven't exchanged phone numbers, as i'm not always "brief" either.//


TEXT MESSAGE - from ME to ANOTher:

I don't trust second-hand sources..and therefore i take every story I hear from one ( aka gossip) as whisper down the lane gone mad speculation of often originally inaccurate and or skewed opinions. I have to get to know someone free from prejudice. Hell I often don't even trust thee original source,.. But I do know that some people are sincere and not evil. Annoying or loathesome is an entirely separate factor..I do not mean to put myself up on a pedestal but I believe myself to be one of those sincere types and I've experienced super infantile discrimination, horrific public scrutiny and out casting my entire life because people think they can just read the page sixty cliffs notes on 'That Laura girl' and understand who I am better than anyone. I figure ( as it seems you do as well because I don't see you putting on public displays of "This is who i am and am not" antics) that anyone who doesn't compute information they receive on OTHER people the same generalized "well I'll just have to either see for myself before adding to the condemnation of their public branding ..which is no speedy/ effortless process ..- or continue not to pay any attention to all the small talk fodder and just remain estranged from them- mentality. Just another person I pass on the street and know nothing about. Because of this, I do not and have NEVER associated myself with any group, clique, scene ..I have individual friends from various social groupings and they would far from seamlessly mesh if all invited into one room together for a Party and I needn't explain why because I think you Know very well what I mean by that. Crowd mentality is most often grossly inaccurate when compared to the facts. People lie thogh and betray trust. And I'm healthfully suspicious of that sometimes later admittedly to more precautionary measures than necessary but .. Therein lies one of the many inconveniences of life



i do not claim to know anyone COMPLETELY.. no matter how long i've known someone or how many accumulative hours i've spent with them,.. we are all full of surprises and keep certain things to ourselves for many DIFFERENT reasons.. and it seems most people don't even know themselves completely.. so who is anyone else to say they know them BETTer?? there's no logic in that.. they do not have all the variables.. they do not have all the factors.. from horoscopes to the government, from habit to speculation and from gossip to organized religion, .. ABSOLUTELY NO ONE DOES.


***quietly stepping off my BOX-O-SOAP now***

Written by Laura Flook — August 18, 2014

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