Laura Flook

Friends,.. STrangers,.. Acquaintances, not feeling my most articulate, although i don't intend to fully explain nor expect to be entirely understood, anyhow (LONG LIvE The VAGUE!).however, i DO want to apologize to THOse of you WHo have sent me E-mail, Social Media messages and even parcels in the past few months and have not received any response..I HAVE had some trouble with my e-mail (not receiving all messages i'm told were sent to me and sending messages that apparently never arrived to their intended destinations.i confess, however, my silence has mostly been due to my relentless consumption with an art project i've been really enjoying (which is why i feel guilt, because i'm surrounding my time around this venture AND actually taking pleasure in it... i think alan partridge might be outside on my street, perhaps having a nervous breakdown.. a man keeps screaming "A-HA!" .. (i'll be allowed to share details regarding the aforementioned mystery project. in approximately a few weeks ,i believe??) any rate, I am racing against time more than ever now, as i must complete everything by next Monday, so apart from a few social engagements i reserved time for and sporadic split second decisions of time expenditure, i will be continuing to wear these blinders for another week. i have been pretty much living irresponsibly fixated on this undertaking since around thanksgiving ... A solid routine is nothing i've ever had the ability to adhere to, as there are too many disconnected disturbances and distractions that prevent me from keeping any formalized order and schedule.please forgive me..i am sorry. i hope no one is upset with me and that i have not inconvenienced anyone from my neglect .. trying my best, considering the proverbial hand of cards that have been thrown in my face (many of them unwelcome.). i hope everyone is feeling superb and no one has taken my failure to contact them, personally. Will be more attentive with mankind in the coming weeks. Xo


Written by Laura Flook — February 11, 2014

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