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A few words to the legion (I'm not exaggerating. i won't even attempt to tally a number, there are so many) of Aspiring Morticians that have contacted me within the past 3 years or so, for academic advice, career counseling and so on..
It's been approximately sixteen years since I enrolled in embalming school - approximately 14 years since I graduated...and it's been about eight years since I've embalmed, cremated and worked at all in the funeral profession.
THINGS HAVE CHANGED…and in my opinion, scarcely for the better. There are reasons I quit. Too many to go into. Even my closest friends do not know of all of them, because there is just TOO much to go into and I do not speak to any one person on a regular basis and at length enough to fill them in on every lifetime gamble nor time investment I make and accordingly, each experience and outcome, resulting..for If i did, I wouldn't have time to make any MORE ODysseys of uncertainty and perils of passion.which means,.. seeing as though i do not particularly enjoy SPEAKING, as much as i receive satisfaction from DOING, i'd probably lead a very sad existence filled with grief and misery…don't get me wrong. I don't completely hole myself away from others- but i don't necessarily need to socially interact with anyone for more than a few minutes of each day.. that's just me though. everyone has their strengths and everyone has their weaknesses and only the person in question who holds any sort of trait can differentiate between the two. Not everyone needs to be a COmmunity BUtterfly.. There are those of us who don't necessarily think it's "healthy" to be prisoner to round-the-clock company and rather enjoy being selective-speaking caterpillars. I find it a strength of mine that i am able to live with a dog and require little human-interaction, because i can see how painful some people appear and sound when they are left alone. sorry. i might be straying away from the point. please excuse my derailment. FUNERAL SERVICE- yes. A FEW THINGS.
For ANY OF those who are still ADVICE to ANYONE TRULY INTERESTED in DEATH-CARE and/or MORTUARY SCIENCE…"DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.. and do the LEAST AMOUNT of Research "On the INTERNET.". You have MANY options. when i had the epiphany that working in Funeral Service was my personal calling, I did not have the use of a computer or the internet. To start out in my research, I had only a complimentary copy of the city yellowpages and anyone i would track down in person.I'm grateful for that, too. There's a clusterfuck of subjective rubbish to sift through online to find FACTUAL info. Use OBjective facts to form YOUR OWN opinions. Like the bodies of the deceased you aspire to care for, everyone's situation is unique. And many people out there, are great story tellers, but you cannot judge a book from its cover or an apple from a tree, or just about ANYTHING on the internet. You have to experience it in person. TALK to a funeral director in the town you wish to work -IN PERSON.. and NOT just ONE. TALK TO MANY. Find out as much as you can about EVERYTHING you can.
As far as broadcasting my own experiences.. i'd much rather share bitter-sweet or hilariously-depressing anecdotes as i am reminded of them, on my own time, while i pursue more creative ventures. CURSEd be the one who attempts to deny me my right to combine the two :)  see Expiration DATE for DETAils..

Written by Laura Flook — November 18, 2013

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