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imperfect epilogue

 It is with - I feel like I’m supposed to say "heavy heart”, though it is decidedly with “great pride” that i announce my discontinuation oF the #HANDofVALEDICTION jewelry collection . 

… i was going to go into the details as to wHY i am retiring this line, but i believe my time would be better spent getting back to work on EXPIRATION DATE 2…  which i FINALLy feel properly settled in the perfect atmosphere to ACTUAlly make progress and COMPLETE it.. More jewelry will be designed and created in the future - and i do have some stray hands i reserved to make some one-of-a-kind accessories with, and t-shirts and side projects will continue but for now ..(and a LOT LAter than my intended projection.. because life is a journey and i am REALLY BAD at TRAVELing?) i am committed to finishing part two of Expiration Date.. and keep the momentum going with part 3 and so forth. i hope..… ssoOOoooo the hands-of-valediction you see in this photo are what MOSTly remain from the hand-of-valediction line. If you wish to own a piece of hERstory and/or COmmemorate a loss or metamorphosis with one of these trinkets, you can find what’s left in the new ’MORIBUND’ section of my website.  PROFUSe thanks to all of YOU who have made this venture worthwhile, Mike and Evan @ObsucraAntiques for generously allowing me to retail these in your shop, Mark and Mary for possibly threatening the lives of shoppers who otherwise would never have even noticed my jewelry, let alone PURCHased any…and immeasurable gratitude to  jeweler-extrAordinaire, skilled sorcerer and crackerjack collaborator, Allison of #RockloveJewelry , withOUt Whom, this entire collection would never have evolved. Y’ALL are the cadillac carriages of comrades and i salute thee. 

a dream deterred..

i found an 'ABortion REVERSAL kit' at the pharmacy that i bought because i thought it was hilarious and there was a giant plastic toy insect that came with it.. i took it out to play with it and it turned into a bird of some sort.. i turned my back for one second and then glanced at the bird again and he was smoking a cigarette. i was surprised by this but even more astonished that he was now speaking to me in ENglish, explaining how he WAS PREVIOUSLY  a MAN taking part in a pharmaceutical 'drug study' that went horribly awry…and so to cover up the mishap, the government stepped in and packaged him into the new "ABORTION REVERSAL KIT' as a giant plastic bug.. i was about to set him free into the wild when my friend intervened, saying what i was about to do was cruel.. because how would he find a suitable number of Marlboros in the wilderness after being in captivity for so long with no outdoor survival skills..

Written by Laura Flook — December 27, 2013

excerpt from an old INterview, i fancy.

I came across this accidentally, searching for something completely unrelated. i like it, i believe it is still relevant, so i thought i would share.. 

((P.S... if you have tried to contact me within the last month or more and i have not responded, please forgive me, i have not been speaking out loud each and every day and my correspondences are few and far between. i just visited my p.o. box for teh first time in a few weeks, a few days ago.. . As always, please direct any messages of importance or urgency to my e-mail address : Facebook and instagram messages are the last thing i look at. i am not proud to admit, i have close to 1000 unread messages on facebook.. it's scary to look at. some of you are now dead.. sometimes i read and respond to the most recent ones.. sometimes i do not.  i am sorry. i am Far from perfect.

From Hat Trick Magazine, UK

(Mich) Elle Fitz: Individuality and creative inspiration seems hard to come by in this consumption-based, digital culture.With so many artists losing grips with staying centred on their own creative compass, likely through saturation and overexposure to the marketing efforts of others, I would like to hear how your style and creative force has evolved. 

My response:  INdividuality.. yes.. there certainly seems to be less and less of that - inspiration, however.. remains everywhere.. it's not gone ANYwhere, fact, there is more of it now, than EVEr before, evident merely by the continuous population increase on this planet....even something banal can be inspiring..i find commonplace things to be esPEcially inspiring, because i see so many things i'd like to change in them. necessity is indEED, the mother of invention. one need not search for inspiration solely in museums, books and other libraries of curated art.. i think it's safer to draw inspiration from things you really AREN’t in love with - as opposed to those you very much are .. because when you primarily look for yOUR OWN ideas in SOMEONE else's, get into idea theft territory..and while YES - nothing is completely NEW and ORIginal..EVERYthing IS derivative in SOMe way or another AND imitation is 'A FORM' of appreciation (i do not agree with the 'SINCEREST' part of that time-honoured adage..but i recognize it is definitely A FORm....  it's still a very ugly thing when i see someone emulate another's work SO intimately  - (in theory Or/AND design) that said emulator seems to have forgotten to add their own justifiably unique spin or composition on the work that it pretty much crosses the border of inspiration, into iDEA POACHing and consequentially, DiSREspect..PARTICularly if it is a UNIQue idea of someone in love with the labor lifted from someone who’s mouth and ego are bigger than their moral fiber. .if it's meant to be flattery you're hoping to achieve by organised mimicry, at least let it be known who inSPIred (or more accurately - who CONSCIOUSLY INFLUenced)  your creation rather than leading your familiars and admirers to think that you were honourably motivated by your OWN vision - i'm not going to lie.. i'm speaking in reference to a few specific cases (by the way i hate self-righteousness masked in the guise of irreproachability as much as i hate the existence of injustice. i am by no means claiming to be an an authority, expert nor SAint..i live in a different solar system than 'perfection'.. it just boils my brain when i see opportunistic crookery - and i don't understand how someone can live with themselves- attempting to run off with near-exact ideas of someone else's and passing them off as their own. most practiced human behavior bewilders me tho and the internet is an ugly place. ) You ARE correct about the overexposure of certain trends affecting the creativity of many  “artists”  (sorry.. i’ve always had a problem with that word. "artist"  i realize part of the definition of ‘art’ includes the EXPRESSion of creativity itself, but since it also denotes a level of imagination and mastery, .. “artist” is just too BROAd a description. Even ACCounting can be artistic if approached with passion and distinction. I feel like describing someone ELSE as an artist’ is something to be reserved as the highest of praise. .If somebody refers to themSELVes as an ARTIst? haha, to ME, it just sounds incredibly arrogant  .. like introducing yourself to someone as a  "VISionARY" or a "Genius" it's just silly.. New words need to be created and or more routinely implemented when referring to people who create audio, visual or literary compositions.. the word “COMPOSer” would suffice, actually.. anyhow, i apologize for the semantics.. not a fan of arguing philosophy either...anyway, these are just musings. . Like beauty,  i believe 'ART' is in the eye of the beholder ..not the creator. ..back to your question.. YES.. it confuses me many people leaping onto the bRandwagon.. the flooding of imitated media content surely is the cause of some of this but it’s not simply reactionary - like SUZY did not just Trip over a ROCk and EMERGE with a newfound obsession for incorporating rodent skulls and timepiece constituents into all of her brooches and millinery works. heavy metal music never forced anybody to kill themselves. "everybody has choices" (<- thats one of my favourite's VAGUe, but it's SO true). i guess i find a conundrum in the nature of "the TREnd" (whatever that may be.. what was different is now the same.  it's absolutely wonderful to have commonalities and shared interests with others - but where's the magic and challenge in agreeing with others about EVERYTHING subjective? i can't be the only one who finds that incredibly dull. 

nEWW .. "STUFF"... on the way..PART 2

OKay...I am NOT happy with the samples i mentioned in the previous post... . while the convenience of others manufacturing my work is grand in thEORY, i am just RARELy ever pleased with the finished outcome. NEW PLAN, i'm working on several, actually. feeling SUPER Clear again (Thank you haloperidol.. you suck TREMENDOUSLY,  but deep down i am grateful for you and i owe you a YAGHT)... i will keep you updated as i continue to connect the dots. thank you for your perpetual patience. 

BElow: a new composition of mine.

.( "What think You?", a digital collage. comprised of some old personal handwritten notes, orchestra music from a book of my late maternal grandmonther's, an early 20th century newspaper graphic, textures, bleeds and printed letters , "...

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