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Did YOu KNOw...?

5. The famous Nike slogan "Just Do It" was actually inspired by the words of notorious American criminal, Gary Gilmore (December 4, 1940 – January 17, 1977) .Gary's last words spoken to the firing squad about to execute him : "let's do this." .  

4. The proper pronunciation of the word "Probably" is "PRO-buh-blee"... Upon learning this, I sat quietly for a good five minutes in awe... I remain stunned. . and equally pissed off at my elementary school teachers, whom by now, are all PRObably dead.

More Mind Shockers to follow...  


3.  You can kill yourself by eating SOCKS.. and you wouldn't be the first. A pack of cigarettes also makes a nice snack for this purpose. 

Additional ways to escape PRison to follow...

                                                                        2a: Potassium


2. Challenging a sociopathic behemoth to a DUAL is not a wise strategy for settling an argument.


1. Shaving your legs in the dark, or bringing anything glass into your shower is not a brilliant maneuver either.


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